BodasjönChrister contacts me on facebook and asks if I want to see where his new cabin is, and try the fishing in a near by lake. He is looking for some good material for an article, and wants a local that knows the area to come with him. Sure I say. this sounds like fun. It will also be nice to meet you and your son Richard again.

The rest of the week I keep a worried eye on the thermometer. it swings from plus 5-6 degrees C to -12 C during the week. The day before the trip I meet Sonia. She asks me if we can go fishing somewhere the next day. I tell her about my trip with Christer, and invite her to come with us. I am Certain that Christer would enjoy if you come too. you known the are better than anyone, and even better, the both of you are also hunters. I confirm with Christer that it is OK for Sonia to come, and we are all set.
The next morning the temperature is -11 C and I can see the sun will be coming up. I get my gear ready and pick up Sonia before we head out into the forest. When we get out on the lake the first light from the sun is creeping over the horizon.


Sonia catches the fishWhen we get out on the lake we find Christer and his son, Richard waiting for us. They have set up 14-15 tip-ups for catching pike, and have just sat down to try for some perch when we get out to them.
They hadn't caught anything yet, and it seemed as if the fish where all gone. I had my Deeper fish finder with me. I made about 30 holes in the ice in places where I thought the fish might be, and checked both with the deeper, and tried fishing in them, but nothing at all. The only thing I saw on the fish finder besides the bottom was my jig.
Sonia called a friend of hers that knew this lake very well. He tipped her about a good spot, but also this spot turned out to be a dud.
When the clock passed 11 one of the tip-ups bounced up. Richard, the youngest of us was there in a flash. Shortly after he pulled up a nice size perch. Big perch will some times strike at the tip ups and get caught. Today seemed like one of those days. From this point on things started to happen. I made a few holes in the area around the tip-up, and Sonia, Christer and I started to dip our lines in the holes. Shortly after Sonia started to pull fish. After she had pulled up a good pile of fish she suddenly shouted "Matti Matti, come and help.". A large perch had taken her small hook, and she needed help to get it up. After a long fight we managed to get the jumbo sized perch up out of the water and safely on the ice. It was about 1 kg (2,2lb). The hook was set in the roof of the mouth of the fish, and quite firmly, so the chance of it getting off the hook was small, but snapping the line had been a different matter. Sonia had 0,12 mm line on her ice fishing rod, with a test strength of about 2 lb. A sudden jerk from the fish, and her line would probably have snapped like a rotten string.
BodasjönNow I saw what jig she was using as well. it was one of my home made Mussa jigs, painted in the color "White tiger". I've seen the local old timers take lots of perch on this one jig before. The Mussa has shown it's worth both on arctic char, Brown trout, perch and whitefish. The white tiger has been a good perch color. one of the best actually, while the other fish species have other colors, but the same model as their favorites.
At about 14:00 Sonia was cold and wanted to go home. I was still without fish, but as most of the fish had taken on a jig that I had made I felt as if I had taken part in catching the fish as well.