Morning gloryEarlier this fall Sonia had asked me if there where any new fishing spots that I could recommend. From the top of my mind two ponds popped up. I had visited both ponds before, but only once, and during the summer season. The one I had caught lots of perch and pike in, and the other I hadn't caught anything. I don't even remember seeing any fish surfacing there. According to the size of the pond there must be fish in it, and then most likely Perch and pike. I haven't heard of anyone fish there either. Visiting the two ponds was set high on our to-do list, and now the time finally had come to visit one of them. We both wanted to try the pond where I had caught fish first.

 My last encounter with this pond had been an experience in it self. I had gone there together with a friend, and she knew some people that have a small cottage there. There is no road to the pond, but the railroad goes along the one side of the lake. There is an old water tower there, and the people that have the cottage there go up there by using the railroad tracks to get there. A few years ago they cut the forest on the far side of the pond from the railroad, and made a road up there during the process.
Today we where using this road to get there. On the way up to the pond I told Sonia about my last trip there. I had a good guess that the fish where mostly along the side of the pond that the railroad was on, but also on the side we where arriving there where a couple of spots.

We started out setting a couple of rods out for pike where I previously had caught an 11 lb pike. After that we found each our spot to start fishing for perch. Just seconds after getting out lines in the water we both had fish, but it stopped with that. After the first fish was up it was like all fish where gone. We tested a few more holes in the area, but nothing, so we decided to go across the lake and try there. Well at our new spot the same thing happened again. I caught a fish almost immediately, Sonia had a bite, and then the fishing went dead.
We moved again. This time to where a pile of brush had been placed in the water. Such brush piles are set up to add hiding places and spawning grounds for the perch. Lots of fish tend to hang around these places, but today it seemed as there was only one fish. A nice 1 lb perch took my hook. After that the pond went dead again.
We fished for another couple of hours without much luck. I caught a couple more perch, but nothing bir, and not more than one in a hole before the biting stopped.

IMAG0347Around noon we where starting to get tired of not catching much so we started to fish our way back to the spot where we had got out on the ice. In one spot I dropped my line down, and when starting to lift my jig off the bottom my line went tight, and I felt a couple of tuggs before my line just snapped. Probably a big perch or pike. But taking my jig seemed to be the only agenda for this fish, because I didn't get any more bites here.

Back at the first bay I had fished in I made a couple of holes on the opposite side of the bay from where I had started. This turned out to be a good move, because I dropped my jig right down into a school of hungry perch. I caught 6-7 fish before the piting stopped. One after another the fish took my jig, and I had barely gotten my jig back in before another one was on the line. After the school of fish left it was impossible to find them again. We made about a dozen holes in the area, caught the odd fish ehre and there, but nothing big, nor more than one fish per hole. At 13:30 the sun started do go down over the mountain ridge, and it started to get colder, so we decided that we'd head back home and call it a dayIMAG0349. On the way back to the car Sonia asked me what I was fishing with. The same as you where on Friday I said, and after I lost it to a fish I went on to testing this new color here. I showed her a small wolfram Mormyshka that was painted black with an orange dot with a white ring around it. This new color seems to work quite fine. I will be testing it ouot through the winter, and if it prooves to be good enough for me to recomend I will make more for sales.