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First trip of the year.

  • Published: Tuesday, 01 January 2008 11:45
  • Written by Matthew G. Hauge
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100 2874We had planned a last trip of the year, but there where forces that prevented us of this. In stead we waited a day, and started the new year with hot coffee in the thermos, lots of sandwiches, and newly organized fishing equipment.







We set off at about 08:30 in the morning. Today wanted to try Hundsjön again. The weather was fairly grim. Cloudy skies, wind, and snow predicted a cold day. When reaching the  fishing grounds, we find that there are two other guy's there. the one of them is the fishing police, and Göte jokes with him a little about this. 100 2875All of us have fishing licence for 2008. The "officer" is a really nice guy, and one of Göte's friends. I chat with him a little about fishing in the ocean, and about various fishing rules, and tactics to keep the fishing waters most possible attractive. Among other things I tell him is about a test project in Norway where we set a maximum limit of size of fish caught in stead of minimum size. In this way we assured that there always where fish in the lake to spawn, and everyone caught nice and large fish. In heavily fished waters one must also set a bag limit, or all the fish in the middle weight classes would be caught, and the real big fish will die of old age.

100 2877 Henrik and I have with us fish finders, and drill holes for these. There are many fish to be found. We test the fish finders a little. Running from Hole to hole, and dropping it in to measure depth, and if there are fish there. Clearly there are a lot of fish in the area, though not fish under every hole. We also find that we must assure that the head of the fish finder must be placed accurate, and facing directly tor ward the bottom for it to work. Otherwise we get false readings, such as wrong depth, or not finding the bottom at all.

100 2879 As for the fishing, then today was not my day. I lose a couple of fish, and  have a few bites, that was all. I had a nice day anyway, and as superstition says, if the first trip of the year gives no catch, then the rest of the year will be great. 

Henrik has really started to get the nack at fishing on the Ice. He catches four Vendance in a row, and a tiny Char. Later in the day he catches a really nice sized char as well. Göte catches one tiny, and one huge Perch, as well as two really nice Char. the largest being 700g. The biggest perch was 650g.

100 2884 The weather never really clears up. We have small snow storms all day long. It never snows much, but enough for the wind to push snow in all cracks possible. I fail at keeping the snow out of my fishing bag, so when I get home I have to open everything, and let all my equipment dry. Not really any extra hassle, because I do this after every trip as it is. If I don't, hooks that are wet in the tackle box will rust. 

The tackle is a very important part of the fishing trip. Using the right bait, lures, and other gear is very important. Here is a list of things that the average Ice Fisherman uses:

  1. Something to sit on. This can either be a big box that doubles as a case for your gear, and fish, or a simple light weight chair.

  2. Ice fishing rods. One is enough, but if you don't want cold fingers from tying new lures on all the time, purchase several.

  3. A scoup to get the loose ice out of the ice fishing hole.
  4. Various Jigs, blinkers, light sticks, lures (Mormyska), and flies.

  5. Ice fishing bait hooks. 

  6. A good knife.

  7. Bait. The main bait is fly larvae, but also earth worms will do. another trick is to use cooked shrimp, fish eggs, or a slice of fish. Thin strips of squid are great bait for Arctic Char. There are also artificial baits used, such as Berkley power bait, or Cheese cured. Some fish will also take corn, or dough balls.

  8. Plastic bags, or a basket to put fish in.

  9. Warm clothes !!!! You will need several pairs of thick socks (woollen or coolmax), Long underwear in wool, sweaters, outer clothing that can withstand wind and rain, thick mittens or gloves, and a warm hat. You're jacket should have a good hood. It is also smart to have a scarf. You should NEVER use clothes containing cotton. Wool or a combination of wool and synthetic clothing is a must. Synthetic clothing to keep the rain and wind out, and wool to keep you warm and dry. Wool transports sweat away from your body, keeping you dry. Cotton acts almost as a sponge, soaking up all moisture. This moisture will keep you wet and cold. Not what you want when sitting still on the ice in -20° C.

Using the correct tackle for your fishing is the key to a good fishing trip. It doesn't mean that you need the most expensive equipment. It means that if you don't have the right clothes, and tackle, you will either be cold, or get frustrated because your gear is not working as it should. And remember, not catching fish does not mean that the trip is wasted. Just the nature experience, and the fact of being lucky enough to be able to go fishing like this, makes the trip worth while.