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Henrik Joins us

  • Published: Sunday, 30 December 2007 23:27
  • Written by Matthew G. Hauge
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20071230-1 While I am getting my things ready for the days fishing trip, A car stops right in front of my doorstep, and a horn is honked on. It is Henrik. He got my message from the day before, and has come to join us. Quickly I make a couple extra sandwiches. Göte shows up a few minutes later, and soon we are on our way.







Today is completely different than yesterday. The sky is clear, and it is 5-6 C under the 0 marker on the thermometer. A cold wind is blowing on the lake, and there are also more people than the day before. A father and daughter duo, and an entire family of four. 20071230-2There are also three single fishermen. Two leave off immediately for the other end of the lake, the  rest stay and fish at the same spot that we where the day before. Henrik who is as new as I am to thins kind of fishing asks me what we are using to catch the fish. I show him what I have, and give him a box of fly larvae to use as bait.

It is a beautiful morning. The sky is red from the sun on it's way up on the sky, the wind is calming down, and I start off catching a nice 840g Arctic Char. No more fish are caught for the next few hours. There is not even a nibble at my line. Then suddenly, one of the other fishermen pulls up a nice Char, then another one is caught. Suddenly Henrik has something big on. It turns out that it is a Char, a bit smaller than expected, due to it giving a hell of a fight. It is still a really nice fish, about 600-700g.

20071230-3 Shortly after, i get another one. This time it is a little smaller (620g). The fish stop biting as quickly as they started. A while later we take a little brake to eat a little, and drink a cup of hot coffee. While pouring coffee I notice one of my lines moving slightly. I grab the rod, and reel in the line. I can feel a couple of tugs in the line, but no fight, weird. My light stick, and hook come up, and there is no fish, but something is still pulling at the line. I see a different line tangled in mine. This is where the tug is coming from. It is my other line, from the next hole. A Char has taken the bait, and gotten tangled in this line. I manage to pull the fish up through this hole. I guess this is the joke of the day. Catching a char in the wrong hole in the ice. 

20071230-4 An hour later, Henrik leaves. He is a little cold, and the sun is starting to go down. Just after he has left, the sun dips down behind a hill, and the entire lake is left in the shadow. The temperature drops fast. Just then the fish start biting again. Now it is Göte's turn. He catches a nice Perch, a Vendance, and two nice Arctic Char. I catch a Vendance, and loose two more. It has been a really nice day on the ice. Not too cold, and beautiful postcard weather. Driving back home, I am so tired that my eyes start to close. I will have to make a pot of tea when I get home.

Later on, Henrik pops by my place. we make a small pot of coffee, and  serve some Christmas biscuits to go with . Then we go through our equipment. Discuss some tricks to catching fish on the ice, and search some web pages to find some other lakes to try. Henrik also has with him a fish finder for me. We go through the settings, which aren't much since this is an economy model. It will do the trick. Next time we are on the ice, we will have fish finders in a couple of holes, and when the fish show up, we will come and drop our baits in. This way we can fish where the fish are. we finish the evening by looking at some really old fishing lures. I have some new additions to my lure collection that I want to show to Henrik. Hopefully there will be a trip tomorrow as well. Then we will test the fish finders. It will also be the last day of the year, and a good ending to a really nice year of fishing.