20071209-1Day two was quite different than the previous fishing trip. It had gotten colder during the night, and the mushy snow that was covering the ice had begun to freeze. Walking on the ice was a hassle, because almost every step resulted in the frozen snow to brake, and one sunk down to the ice bellow. Around the holes from yesterday, it had frozen a little more, so there we could stand fairly dry.
In stead of drilling new holes, we just smashed the ice above the old ones. There where more than enough holes to chose from. The entire ice was like a Swiss cheese. The fact that there where not near as many people on the ice today, told us that the the day would be quite calm, and relaxing .





A blinker is a lure with a tiny lamp inside, that blinks. The one i put on blinks in red and green. This one relied on two tiny batteries being inserted in the tiny lamp. AkerstjärnThere are others that draw current from the water around them, and start blinking as soon at the lure hits the water. My bait was as yesterday, fly larvae. This is just about the only thing that the people here use as bait. Quietly we sat there, listening to the nature around us wake to a new day. A woodpecker was heard in the forest, near by. Snow and ice crunching when the other fishermen made their way to new holes, and ravens flying by. The first half an hour was spent in silence. Just listening. No cars, no city sounds at all, just nature.

a 600g Arctic CharThen suddenly I woke up. A sharp tug in my line told me that I had a fish on. Quickly I started to pull in the line. Oddly enough, the fish was not struggling much, but when it reached the edge of the ice, it started to panic. Getting the fish to enter the hole can be kind of tricky. Specially if one is using a fly on the line as well as bait. This fish was hooked fairly well, and I got it through the hole fairly easy. A beautiful char weighing about 600g. Not to torment the fish more than needed, I quickly broke the neck of the fish, and gutted it, to let it bleed out. Fish that are not gutted don't taste as good, and will have grey meat.

Göte and his first fish for the day The day continued to grow brighter, and the clouds drifted on North, while the blue skies, and the sun concurred the sky. We could feel the heat from the sun now. The few birds that stay for the winter where starting to sing. I poured a cup of coffee for Göte and me, and we had each our sandwich as a lunch. The fish where playing hard to get, and for a long time it seemed that I was going to be the only one of us to catch any thing. Then the fish police came by on his snow scooter. Since he had not been here to sell fishing licence when the fishing started, he was now driving from fisherman to fisherman, collecting today's fee for fishing. He was curious if any of us had caught anything. We told him that the fish where not biting, but that today was a great day to spend on the ice. He agreed, wished us good luck, and went on to the next fishing hole. The sun setting on the horizonThe hours passed. The other fishermen where starting to leave, and we where talking about doing the same, when Göte suddenly caught a really nice one. There was no question about it. We had to stay a little longer. I poured another cup of coffee, and we continued to fish. It seemed that the fish where being very careful, because I also had a few nibbles. They only stole my bait, but that was al right. I had loads of bait, and was enjoying the beautiful day. Göte caught another nice char before we went back, and as we left the ice, the sun was starting to go down behind the treetops. The winter days are never long up here. It was only about 2:30 pm when I got home. Already the sun was almost gone. In a couple of weeks it would be Christmas, and after that the days will start to get longer. However, the coldest part of winter is yet to come. Last winter was a mild winter. We had -37 C a few days. I have been told that it can get as cold as -45 C. I doubt that anyone will be out fishing then.