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First try on Hundsjön

  • Published: Saturday, 29 December 2007 23:27
  • Written by Matthew G. Hauge
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Göte on the ice Back at home in Sweden, after spending Christmas with my boys in Norway, Göte and I are out to try the fishing again. This time we will try Hundsjön. This is one of the larger lakes in the area. The water in this lake is crystal clear, and the lake has a sand bottom. The lake is know for its big trout, Artic Char, Vendance, and perch. There is also supposed to be pike here, and Burbot.







We meet at my place at 08:00 in the morning the 29'nth of December. It is a "warm" winter day with fairly wet snow, and wind. When we park the car by the lake we find that there are people here, that are already out fishing. Three men that Göte call "Helsingar", and two locals. The two locals are already fishing, and the one has a nice perch, and the other catches a nice Char as we get out to the fishing spot. We have decided to fish on a shallow in the middle of the lake. There is a rise on the bottom here, where it is only 5-6 meters deep. It is snowing so much now that we can barely see a few meters. The wind feels cold, but with lots of warm clothes on, we are not freezing.  I chat a little with the other fisher men, and ask where in the lake they usually fish. They tell me about some of the good spots, and about fish they have caught. The one guy tells about a Trout that was 3,5 kg.

A nice catch We fish for about an hour. Then Göte gets a nice Char on the hook. The other five men decide to spread out to other spots. Gôte Catches another Char, and right after, the wind calms down, and it stops snowing. The sky is still dark, but the air is clear, and it is not cold at all. Right after taking a little coffee brake, Göte catches another one. about an hour later I get a nibble. I hold my line completely still for a second, and then give a little jerk. A nice Vendance is hooked. I release the fish back to the water, and soon after another one is on. This time it is a little smaller one. I manage to catch two more small Vendance before the three "Helsingar" come back. They have not caught anything. Göte is now fishing with the same bait as me, and pulls up another Char, and a perch. I have still not caught any Char yet.

My largest yet I have a rod hooked to my chair and suddenly my chair is skidding tor words the hole. I run over, just in time to feel the fish let go of the bait. Darn ! I pull my line up to see if the fish has taken my bait. As the bait is pulled out of the hole, a gigantic Char passes the hole, Just beneath the ice edge. I swiftly lower my bait in the water. This fish is ready for hunt, and strikes repeatedly at my bait and blinker, and misses three times. The fourth time he takes the bait, I give my line a jerk. The fish jerks back, and dives down. Nothing.............. Darn, again. I pull up my line, and find that the hook is straightened out, and the bait is gone. What a fish. I feel the fishing fever raging in my body, and causing my hands to shake. I continue fishing, and about an hour later I catch a Char. A beautiful Char with pinkish, metallic shine to its side, and a bright red belly. The fish is a little skinny, but big. About 700g.

WhitefishIt is almost three in the afternoon now. It starts to rain a little, and the wind starts to blow. We go back to the car, drink a cup of coffee, and eat some food before driving home. On the way home Göte tells me why the lake is called "Hundsjön". Once there was a man who had been convicted of murder. He escaped the law by fleeing to this lake. He settled down in a cave near by. A "hund" is the name of a convict. The cave where the convict hid has never been found. 

We plan on comping back the next day. I am looking forward to this. Hopefully the weather will be better, and we will catch more fish.