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Some times it is all about the trip

  • Published: Friday, 11 January 2008 23:27
  • Written by Matthew G. Hauge
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Simon and ErikStråsjön is one of my favorite lakes in the area. Here there is perch, Brown trout, Arctic Char, and Burbot. There are also some rumors going around that they once stocked some Grayling, and Rainbow trout here. The summer fishing here is a lot of fun, because there is a lot of small perch here, that are easy to catch, and the nature here is like paradise, it is so beautiful. This week end Simon and Erik wanted to join us. I didn't know Simon that well, so I was not sure how much he knew about Ice fishing. Erik was from the area, and I have gone fishing with him a few times, and know that he knows a lot of the good places in the area.






Arctic CharWe started off a little later than planned. There was a little delay in us being so many on our way out. The sky was gray, and the temperature was just under the zero mark. As long as it stayed that way, we would surely have a nice trip.

We where hoping that there would be a lot of fish today, since it was the first time that Erik, and Simon where with us on the ice. In stead the fish had gone into hiding. Simon got a nice strike, and I got one fish, that was all.

We did have a nice time though. The four of us talked about our plans for the summer, where we will go fishing next, and what our goals where in size of fish. Simon who is new to the area was curious on the different places to go fishing. I am sure that we will be seeing a lot more of him and his girlfriend by the banks of the rivers, lakes and ponds around Sveg. In the morning hours the fog covered the ground, and the radio antenna on the top of the mountain was halfway hidden. Simon and Eric had sausages with them, and made a fire on the ice. They roasted sausages, and made hot dogs. We didn't go home until it was almost dark. On our way, we bet a small flock of reindeer crossing the road. They didn't like that we honked at them, and in protest, they just stopped and looked at the cars, as if saying “We have the right to be here too, let us take our time.”