LicenseKårtjärn is a small pond in the woods, a few km up the valley. There is Perch, Burbot, Pike, Arctic Char, Brown Trout, and Roach there. During the winter months it is the Arctic Char that is the most popular catch there. Number two is the Perch. During the summer they usually fish for Brown Trout. I have heard Göte talk a lot about this pond. He has caught some really nice sized Char here. Way over the one kg mark.











My first Trout this year.    (Photo by: Matthew G. Hauge)I never thought that we would go here fishing, because most of the people around here are angry with the way the fishing administration has treated this pond. In the middle of the season they suddenly switched the type of fishing license needed from a season card to a day card. This got many fishermen who already had purchased the season card, angry. I agreed with them, this is not the right way to go. They should have granted everyone who already had purchased the season card , the right to fish in the pond throughout the rest of the season, then required the day card.


Well, Gôte talked me in to going with him to the pond. Not really a hard task, since my car is parked for the winter, and covered in a big pile of snow. We purchase out fishing license when we get to the pond. Tracks on the ice tell us that we are not the only ones who have been here this winter. Someone else has drilled several holes in the ice. We start in high hopes, but are a little disappointed. The fish aren't really biting. The weather is much like when we where in Stråsjön. Grey skies, and the temperature is just under the zero mark.

Göte At noon a scooter came by, and stopped. It was someone out to visit friends, and for a nice drive down the scooter trail. He turned out to be one of the guys from the fishing administration. He could tell us that the reason for them switching the type of license needed was a result of someone fishing with nets in the pond. Net fishing is illegal here. I still don't think that was the way to go. They should have caught the culprit, and expelled him from fishing in the area for a year or two, and then from fishing in Kårtjärn for life. The way they have gone about it is punishing everyone, and that is not fair.

I find out that the fish are there, but are very careful about biting. I have to hook up my rod to my chair, and walk away from the hole to catch anything. With this trick I manage to lure two small Arctic Char, and one Trout. The day was going tor wards an end when Göte got a really nice Char. After that it started to blow, and Roach started to nibble at out baits. Göte pulls up two of these little fish, before we decide to go home. It was dark when we got home, and I went right to work at painting some ice shad jigs. We would need them the next morning, because then we would be going to Hundsjön again.