20080120 1 Back on Hundsjön.It is going to be a beautiful day. The sky is red from the sun on it's way up over the mountain tops. When we park the car, one of Göte's fishing buddies park along side us. It looks like we will be more people on the ice today. That's OK. It is always nice to meet new people. Every fisherman has a different tale. Different ideas of where the fish are, why they aren't biting, and what to use to get them to bite.





We have barely started to fish before Göte's friend pulls up a little Perch. A moment later I catch a very small Arctic Char that is released back into the water. 20080120 2A little while later I catch another Char, and then it is stop. We fish all the morning without a single more bite. We try every trick we can figure out. Light sticks, lots of bait, almost no bait, and the smallest jigs. Nothing helps. I take a coffee rest, and set up my rod to hang still in the water. When I get back there is a nice Char on the line. So this is how they want their bait today. Stand still. I set up another rod to hang still in the water while I fish with a third rod. A little later a couple guys come by on scooters. They stop for a chat, and to fish a little. It turns out that they have driven a long way before getting here. The sun is high on the sky now, and we can feel the warmth of the sun. It gets me thinking of the fishing trips we will be going on this summer. There is so many lakes and rivers in the area that it would take a life time getting to know even a fraction of them. I wish i could spend all my time just wandering the woods, and fishing the lakes and rivers. But unfortunately there is an every day life with work, cleaning house, and other boring day to day chores.

20080120 3 We go home when the sun is starting to dip down behind the top of the hill. Tomorrow I have to go back to work again, and this day will only be a pleasant memory. Two nice Arctic Char are in my bag, and Göte has one in his bag too. We have already started to plan next weekends fishing trips. I look forward to every moment I can spend out in nature, and the planning keeps the average day from being dull and boring.