20080126 1 Horten is a fairly large lake, about 30 minutes by car from Sveg. Horten contains a natural stock of Perch, Burbot, Vendance, pike, and Brown Trout. The fishing administration for this area also stock Arctic Char, and some Brown trout in the lake. There is also some very few Canadian Lake trout in Horten as well. a little rest of some fish stocked many years ago. The opening of the fishing season in this lake is a big event.  The fishing administration stocks more fish in this lake than in many of the other lakes in the area. The fish are also a little larger than for instance in Hundsjön. Due to the size of the lake, Göte has asked his buddy Ragnar to join us. Ragnar has a snow scooter, and loves fishing just as much as Göte and I. 

20080126 2

Göte is at my place to pick me up at 07:30. We are to drive to Ragnar's place, and then ride with Ragnar the rest of the way.
We get to Horten at about 08:30. it takes a little time to get the scooter ready, pu4chase the fishing license, and drive out to the fishing spot. We also spend a little time talking to the locals on where the best fishing spot is. Everybody is in a good mood, and waiting with excitement to be able to pull up the first fish. A small elderly man comes over with a cup of "Gløgg" for me. He has just told Ragnar that we should drive over to a lonesome man sitting way out on the middle of the lake. He wishes me good luck before he jumps on his scooter, and disappears out on the ice.
We reach the fishing spot just in time to take out our gear, and get ready to fish before the start shot fires. The fishing rules are simple. One rod per person, and you can take with you as many fish as you catch. There will be a raffle on the license numbers, and there are three fish that have been marked. Any one of these three fish will be prized with 1000,- SEK. Ragnar has a motorized ice drill, and runs around the ice, drilling about a dozen holes, so we have several spots to choose from.20080126 3
Göte and I drop our lines in the water just as the start shot fires. Immediately after, we have fish on our hooks. A few seconds later Ragnar also has a nice fish on his line. We catch a few more fish before the school passes. After that we fish for about an hour without a nibble. It seems as if there are schools of fish that wander over a large area, because we can see other fishermen pulling up fish. After about three hours of fishing, we have figured out just about the pattern that the fish are traveling in. We can almost predict when they will be at our spot. Sure enough, just about the precise moment we have predicted, the fish start biting. I catch three fish before the school passes. There is one more of these passes before it is time to go. At 14:20 Ragnar says that he is cold and wants to go back. By then Göte has caught 8 fish, Ragnar has 7, and I have 7. The fish won't be back at our spot before the end shot fires anyhow, so we agree that it is time to call it a day.20080126 4
Back at the entry stand, we get a cup of "Gløgg". Gløgg is a sweet spiced  drink that is served hot, and with nuts and raisins. It is usually served at Christmas time, and can be mixed with red wine or vodka for an alcohol drink. This one is naturally non alcoholic, and served without raisins or nuts. They have a prize table ready with lots of nice prizes. the first prize is an electric boat motor. Göte is lucky, and wins a really nice shirt.
We chat a little with the other fishermen. Most of them have caught fish. A few as much fish as us, and one or two have caught more. We hear that the best catch was a guy who caught 17. There was a total of 4500 fish stocked in the lake this fall. Two of the three marked fish where caught, and the happy fishermen had got their prizes. All in all, it had been a great day on the ice. Not windy, not too cold, and the sun had popped out several times during the day. Horten will surely be one of the places we will go later this winter.