20080127 1Göte and I meet early in the morning as usual. Our goal is again Hundsjön. The sun is creeping up on the sky as we get closer to the lake, and by the time we have gotten our gear out of the car, and scrambled ourselves down to the lake, the sun is already up on the sky.



20080127 2



The sky is clear, but a cold wind is blowing. In fact it is blowing enough to lift the snow from the ground, and make small drifts on the ice. We have good clothes on so we aren't cold, but the snow fills up every crack and dip in the ice, including the holes that we are fishing in. I manage to avoid the worst of it by building small mounds of snow in front of the holes, just tall enough to "split" the drifting snow to each side of the hole in stead of in it. Besides the wind, the weather was beautiful. The sky was clear and blue, and we could feel the heat from the sun. We did catch some fish too. With the snow drifting along the ice we got the feeling of being way up in arctic regions of the world.
  With the wind howling around our ears, it was difficult to talk. Fishing together with Göte is usually an adventure back in time, because he tells about when he was a child. How he helped his father and mother get by, and his life as a baker. Fishing has always been one of his hobbies, and Ice fishing is his favorite. I can understand him. In the winter there are no mosquito's, the ground is hard, and easy to walk on, and you can walk out to where the fish are. You don't need any tall boots, specialized casting techniques. Ice fishing is simple, relaxing, and easy. There are of course tricks to catching the fish, and there is a big difference between someone who is really good at it, and someone who is a novice. The fun with ice fishing is that it is cheap to do, and can be done by anyone. 20080127 3
This trip was the first this year where I didn't take any photo's of our catch. the reason is very simple. By the time the camera was in place to take a photo, the cold win had frozen the surface of the fish. I didn't want my fish half frozen when I got home, so I decided just to let it be.  I usually don't eat my fish right away, but freeze them for a few days, then make fillet's that I sugar/salt with garlic, dill, and pepper mix. This way of preparing fish is great served the same way one would with cold smoked fish. Some times I will switch the garlic with juniper berries. The original recipe calls for sugar, salt, dill and white pepper.
When we go home the sun is on its way down behind the hill. we have each caught a few really nice fish. Not the biggest we have seen, but not the smallest either. All in all a different, and interesting experience.