20141212 Sunrise over the treetopsJohan contacts me on Facebook, wondering if i would like to join him on a venture to check out some "forgotten" ponds in the forest. Neither of us has heard of anyone fishing there before this summer and then it was Johans brother that had caught a three lb Perch in one of them. He couldn't remember which, and there where five ponds right next to one another there, so it could be any one of them. A venture like this makes the fishing so much more exciting, and some times we even find a really good spot that we can take guests with us to.




Johan shows up at 08:30. We will be driving in his car to the fishing spot. I also want to test some new gear, and learn a bit more about the vertical lure fishing that Johan is a fan of. While driving to the ponds we manage to miss our turn off, but find it again shortly after. There is nothing that tells us that there are ponds near by the parking where we stop. It is merely a short piece of road from the main road, with a small parking, meant for storage of timber for loading on to trucks. The forest in the area has been cut, and only a few trees a few hundred meters away are left. This means that it will be about 40 years before anyone comes back this way. The five ponds are so small on the map that we doubt that anyone will think of them as fishing spots. They are also a bit too far from the road for most people to bother going there.

20141212 The first hole of the dayIt is still fairly dark when we enter the first pond. We spread out and try the fishing. It takes us about 15 minutes to conclude that the fish are either not biting or there are no fish here. Perch usually take our hooks quite quickly, but we haven't got a nibble yet. The next pond seems just as dead. Both ponds are very shallow, and located in the middle of a swamp. Such ponds often can have issues with low oxygen levels during the winter. This can in some cases kill off all the fish.
The Third pond being a little bigger seems a bit different. the terrain around the pond is more rough, and the water is crystal clear in stead of muddy brown. Johan also starts catching small perch immediately. I don't have the same luck, and I have to try a half a dozen holes before I start catching fish, and then only by using the same method as Johan. A lure with a decorated treble. After a while we manage to figure out the route the school of fish is moving, and we can easily follow the school and continue to catch fish. We are having so much fun pulling fish that me almost forget the time. A couple hours later we decide to move on. The two last ponds are connected to the first by a small stream. We do catch fish in the last two ponds, but not many. These seem also to have clear water. They also have fish, but not near the amounts that we found in the third pond.

20141212 Johan on a no name pondWe don't catch anything big either, so we decide to test out another place. It is a bigger pond at the end of another timber road not far from our current location. A half an hour later we are at the new spot. This pond is also part of a larger water system. A series of small and shallow ponds connect with this one, and in one of them I have caught pike . Nothing big, but then again the pond I caught the pike in was about 1 meter deep at the deepest. This pond is much larger and deeper. We don't catch anything more though, and it has started to get darker, so we decide to call it a day.