20141215 First Arctic Char of the seasonThe 15'th of December is a day marked on my calendar. This is the day when all the local lakes open for fishing after Brown trout and Arctic Char. If I am not working on this day I do everything that I can to get out fishing. This year we have an extra good opportunity as we have not got any snow yet. This means that we can get to the lakes and ponds that one otherwise would need a snow scooter to get to. Personally I haven't been able to afford a snowscooter yet, so making use of the snow free roads is a must.




Johan is also interesded in making use of the snow free roads. He picks me up at 07:30 and we head out to one of the local fishing lakes. When we make the last turn off before the lake we find that there is actually about 15 cm of snow in the road, with ice under it, so Johan parks his car a little ways from the lake in case the hill down to the lake is too slipepry to get back up. First thing we notice when entering the ice is that someone had been poaching here. Week old holes are all over the ice. A clear give away that someone has been fishing illegally. No one is allowed to fish here after September 30'th and until the 15'th, and since these holes are all frozen over they can not be from earlier this morning. We are also the first people to enter the ice this day. Since I am new to fishing on this Ice on this lake I let Johan show me where he believes that there are fish. He finds a spot that clearly is good as he gets a few perch and a couple Arctic Char quite fast. I am not so lucky and after an hour without fish, Johan hands me one of his electronic attractant lights. These are actually lures that have a small ight on them that blinks when in contact with water. 20141215 Johan on Svarttjärn
I barely get my line down before I've got my first fish.
The fishing is slow today, and after a few hours with very little fish we decide to ehad to a small pond stocked with rainbow trout. Also visiting this pond is a let down. Someone has been here a week or two ago, and the ice has been peppered with holes. Still we catch a few perch each, and Johan catches a couple small rainbow trout before we head home. All in all not such a bad day, considering that there had been poachers at the fishing spots, and the weather was not at its best.