20141216 First fish next to my rodStråsjön is one of the lakes that is at the highest elevation in the immediate area. It is a beautiful little lake that contains Brown trout, Perch and Burbot. The local fishing administration also stocks some arctic Char in this lake. Johan, His mother, Sonia and I will be going together to try our luck here. The weather is not promising. very much the same as the day before. Wind and snow. When we get to the parking it is snowing quite heavy. It was still quite dark when we got to the fishing spot, so I was glad that I had remembered to rig my line with the attractor light. Not long after getting my line in the water my effort payed off.




20141216 Is there anything thereA careful tugg on the line indicated that an Arctic char was at my Mormyshka. Shortly after I gave my line a tug, and the fish was hooked. The fight lasted only a moment as the fish was not very big, and the water shallow. Shortly after the others started to catch fish. Arctic Char, Perch, and even a small burbot was pulled up. After about an hour the fish stopped to bite, so we started to get restless and wanted to try other places. First one to scoot off was Hans. He left for the larger half of the lake. Then Johan's mother left for the other side of the bay, before Johan took of in another direction. I waited a while longer, and finally decided to head off in the same direction as Johan. Turned out that johan had found a nice spot, because it didn't take long before I caught another Arctic Char. After a few minutes it went dead here as well. By now the skies had cleared up and we could se a little blue skies between the clouds. After about an hour seaching for more fish we noticed that Sonia and Anneli where catching fish again, so we headed back to the spot where we started out. I caught a couple more fish there, and chatted a little with Anneli.
She works at the same school as I am teaching fly tying at. She asked how the course was working out, and suggested that we do something together for the children in my class. By the time their course is finished it will be close  to winter vacation. She suggested that we take the children with us and go fishing somewhere for perch and roach.
To me this sounded like the perfect idea, so we agreed to plan this further. 20141216 Sonia Hans and AnneLi Erlingsson
By now the fish had stopepd biting again, so we all decided to leave back home. It had been a nice day out on the ice.