20141217 Johan on Hundsjön 01Hundsjön has become one of our favorite lakes for fishing Arctic Char in the winter. This lake has crystal clear water. depths down to 35 meters, and in addition to the stocked fish there is also some reproduction in the lake. The lake is also big enough that the locals with their extensive over fishing have never managed to fish out all the fish within a year of fishing.This means that there always is a fair chance of catching a larger fish.




20141217 The sun is finally upJohan picks me up a little later today as we both have been delayed for various reasons. We still manage to get out to the fishing spot before the sun rises over the horizon. It is not too cold out, only about -16 C. The skies are clear, and a glow over the horizon tells us that the sun soon will be up and we will be in for a beautiful day. At first we try a little too close to land, and don't catch anything at all, so we venture a few meters further out on the ice. This gives results as Johan and I both catch fish almost immediately. The fish are this years Arctic Char. beautiful fish with a fresh silver/grey color and white spots on their sides. Bu the strike perods ends, and we are left to sitting and enjoying the low sounds of nature in the winter. There is bearely a morning breeze, and the only sounds are the small birds searching for their winter storage of insects hidden in the bark of the nearest trees.
20141217 Sun is at its peakThe sun has placed it self a good way up over the ridge when Johan's friend Henrik arrives. Not long after Henrik reaches the fishing grounds we agree to try another spot. A shallow area that Johan believes will give some nice fish. Unfortunately as most spots in this lake it is difficult to locate, so we give up and head further out on the ice. I decide to leave the others for a while and try a spot on the other side of the lake. It is about a km to walk from where we are, so it takes a few minutes to reach a spot that I am satisfied with, but it pays off. Shortly after I feel something nibble at my bait. I believe it is an small Arctic Char, maybe 100g. There are a lot of these in this area as there are spawning grounds near by, and the small arctic char are experts at finding the eggs hidden between the rocks.

20141217 An averaga size Perch for HundsjönIt turns out to be something quite different as I give a jerk on my line. A larger fish is hooked. Probably the biggest this ice fishing season. I am a little let down, but not surprised when a jumbo sized perch shows its face in the hole. I am close by not only a spawning ground for Arctic char, but the hunting grounds for the jumbo perch of this lake. Average size here is about 700g, and this one is about that. The perch here has beautiful olive and dark green coloring with a bleached yellow belly and fluorescent red fins. Some of the finest perch in the entire valley. It is not uncommon to catch them here over 1 kg , and rumors of there being fish over 2 kg is spoken amongst the locals. When people first take the trip out here they don't go for the Perch, bug the Arctic Char and Brown trout, so these beautiful fish mostly get to be in piece.
I continue to fish this spot for a while, but don't notice any more fish, so I start planning a strategy of testing another place. Then I notice that Johan and Henrik have joined up on a fairly common fishing spot that I call the sheep flock. The name is something that I made up as the locals seem to gather and fish here in a group, hence the flock of sheep. It is more a joke amongst us that tend to try different spots, and like to fish away from the the noise of other anglers. 

20141217 The bluest skies everBy now the sun is already on it's way down, and in about an hour it will go down behind the hill at the end of the lake. As I expected, Johan and Henrik had caught fish on their newfound spot, and that is why they had gathered at the "sheep flock". We where the only ones left on the ice now. the few others that had been here had left some time ago. I make a few holes and put out rods in one of them and another I sit down by and start fishing. Shortly after Henrik Shouts, "You got one". The rod that I have left alone is bobbing up and down. I pull up a nice arctic char, Drop the line back down, and another fish strikes immediately. After the second fish everything calms down a little. Both Henrik and Johan catch another fish, but nothing where I am. I give up on the hole that I am sitting by, and set out a third rod a little further over on the ice. My intention is to go back and remove the rod that I was sitting by, but I don't get a chance to do that. The rod that I previously caught the two fish on starts bobbing up and down again, and this time it is a little bigger fish. One of the native Arctic char. A slender fish with bright red belly and red spots in stead of white. 
20141217 The natural Arctic Char of this lake has the finest colorsI barely get this fish up and taken a couple photo's of it before the rod I just set out starts bobbing up and down. I hurry over to it and pull up another Arctic Char, Drop my line back down, just in time as my other rod starts bouncing around again. This time also a local arctic char, but a smaller one. I get up, and just manage to say to Johan "Finally I can pull up that rod", when the other rod starts bouncing again. Again I go pull up the fish, let my line back down, and finally I get a chance to pull up that darn rod. I pour a cup of hot tea, and can sit down and relax a little. This was fun I say as I take a sip of my tea. By now the sun has gone down behind the ridge, and the fish seem to have stopped biting. I finish my cup of tea, take some photo's of my catch and agree with the others that it is time to head for home.
20141217 My Custom made Ice fishing rodWe have all a nice catch in our bags. and there is no need to catch more fish than we need. Normally both Johan and I would have released most of these small fish, but Johan has promised fish to an elderly lady that can't get out fishing on her own, and I want to take some fish with me when I go to Finland next week. This is after all most likely the last day I will have a chance to go fishing before I leave for Finland.