First report from our new wrap rods.Today was a day of good news tidings for us at the Countryfisher. We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring an angler in the US. His name is Derek James Dubas.

2'nd place.We have been in discussion with him for some time in regards of this. He's a kindred spirit so to speak, and loves fishing as much as we do. He is also a very promising competition angler that loves Ice fishing. As Ice fishing is the biggest sport in the valley where we are located it just fit in to support an Ice angler. After all our first hand made fishing gear was our hand crafted ice fishing jigs.

Derek was the first to give our wrap rods a regular use, and only days after getting them he gets second place in the NAIFC Tournament together with his partner Skylar Steffes. We can only say congratulations and good luck with your future in the competition circles. We will do our best to help you forward.