10608513 871333316269133 5741241058129140189 oOne thing that we tackle builders have sought after is a decent gathering where we can meet and exchange knowledge. Up until now there has only been the use of Facebook and other social media, but this is about to change. The scene has become so big that the market can't ignore us any longer. The "Sportsfiskemässa" in Sweden has it's lure builders corner and fly tiers street, and other fairs also have their own contributions to the art.  The Tackle builders fair in Poland is another step forward. The fair is a sponsored event with only tackle builders. No big brand companies or shops with heavy funding, but all small one man projects with unique ideas and products.


 12025937 947300298651273 174526463 oThe fair was set to the small coastal town of Mrzezyno in Poland. It was sponsored by several companies. amongst them the local hotel that offered a 50% discount on the weekend of the fair. The town is located in a big farming district, and is a popular tourist place for German summer tourists. There is also a big river that flows through the edge of town, and makes it a good place both for sports fishing and the local fisheries. There where about 40 exhibitors where three where from outside of Poland. Each Exhibitor was offered a booth with a glass mount to show off their products, and photo's that had been sent in in advance had been used to make a poster with the name of the exhibitor over each booth. besides the showroom there was set up a outside bar a scene, a playground for kids, and a couple of booths for non profit organizations on the back side of the building. At the entrance where they sold tickets, they where also selling souvenirs to the visitors. 
11958134 1654372504775657 7201125899941025313 oIn the main showroom they had several smaller activities that went on besides just the exhibitors. There was a table with activities for the children, a photo competition where the visitors and exhibitors could vote on the best nature/sports fishing photo and lotteries. They also had set up an aquarium with a whirling current where exhibitors where asked to come and show their lures in action, and tell the public about their products, and why they should try them.
Fly tiers had their own showcase table where they showed how to tie various flies, and present their work.

In the evenings they had activities for the exhibitors in the outside bar at the back. Local bands provided live music, the BBQ and bar provided food and something to drink.

12032668 501424126682491 2568792170455380651 oFor the exhibitors this event was a great way to meet in person, and exchange knowledge and ideas. They probably had more sales between one another than from the visitors. One of the most difficult things for lure builders is how to get the public to learn of your products. Marketing is expensive, and the big commercial companies have huge marketing budgets that completely drown out the small hobby manufacturers. This fair was an unique opportunity for lure builders to show their artwork to the public. And art is just what this is. Carefully hand crafted lures, and flies are absolutely small pieces of art. They can not be compared at all with the serial produced commercial products. Not only do the hand crafted lures fish much better than the commercial products, they all are unique pieces of art that are carefully tuned and adjusted for their certain kind of fishing. it is like trying to compare a cartoon drawing with the Mona Lisa.

12027308 945108355524431 4710551257411613536 oFor those interested in visiting next years event I would warmly recommend it. Just visiting the town of Mrzezyno is worth a family vacation. The hotel we stayed at offered a family friendly and calm atmosphere. A big area behind the hotel was fenced in so you had safe parking for your car, and could let your children go out and play without fear of them leaving the are or getting hurt. There is a playground for the children, spa, outside bar and grill and tennis court.

The town had activities for the whole family, and a beautiful small harbor where small romantic places to eat are lined up along the pier. For those that want to try the fishing, there is the river, or you can try beach fishing along the ocean shore or in the mouth of the river. There is a big beach along the shoreline allowing you to go swimming. The fair is set to the end of August so you will have beautiful summer temperatures while you are there.


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