Jungle cock size 28Some times I do something just because I can. Of course, never anything evil or to do harm, but innocent fun stuff. Some of these things sound quite crazy, such as the time a friend of mine and I just decided to knock on the nearest door and get to know the people living there. It was a shock to the people living there, but a fun one, and gained us a life long friend. This is of a different such stunt. It became one of the big stories at my high school, and is still a good laugh. An innocent prank if you may say.

I finally got a decent photo of one of my creations from when I was a teen. Back in 1989 and we where starting to charge up for our big graduation in the spring of 1990. This was the first big party. what was called a "bekjentskaps ball" (get to know one another ball). A few classmates and i started talking about our Biology lessons, and our "Herbarium" that we where to make. The "Herbarium" is a collection of insects, plants, and animals that we are to catalog and write about. We where supposed to have at least both plants and insects, and at least 60 objects total, and at least 13 of them plants or insects.

Most went for the plants, having 13 insects, and the rest plants. Personally i gathered almost 80 objects, and had 13 plants, and included some animals, fish and shellfish as well as insects.

Well, back to the party. We where quite tipsy that evening, and someone suddenly suggested that I, being a fly tier could make my own insects. personally he found that insects and animals where "impossible" to collect, so why didn't i take the easy way out ?
The challenge stuck in my head, so when i got home at 03:00 am I took out my fly tying equipment and tied two flies. The one being in the first photo, the other the same size, looking like a small plankton of sorts. The first fly went in a plastic bag to take to work, while the other one went in a small glass with clear oil (After the hook was clipped off).

About that time I more or less blacked out. It was late, and I was quite tipsy and tired after a partying with friends, and then concentrating intensely for about hour on fly tying. The following Monday I brought the "plankton" to school. Together with a couple of friends we sat down and made up a Norwegian common name, and fake Latin name for my creature. Then we made up a life cycle for my creation, habitat, and biology.
It was delivered together with my real objects, and it totally fooled our teacher which actually was a Marine Biologist.

It became a fun story, and even My teacher took it with a laugh. He totally understood that it was not a prank on him, but me answering a challenge from friends.  After all i had more objects than the assignment asked for, so taking one out didn't affect my grade, and he knew me well enough that he knew I wouldn't have done this if I was short on objects for my collection.
(I will add to this article when I get a photo of my plankton. I still have it in it's little glass jar with oil. )