20151213 Anglers on the IceThe 12'th of December Sonia calls me and says that now it is time for me to take out my ice fishing gear If I already haven't done so. My gear is already by the door I say. I've been planning to go ever since the ice on the ponds was safe. Unfortunately I haven't had the time to go before now. Where are we going ?.
"To Digertjärn", she says. Quite surprised I ask if it allowed to go there yet ? Season within this administrative area isn't supposed to start until the 15'th.

Sonia explains that they are starting the fishing season a few days early on only this pond. There will be people selling a special fishing license for this day. The license is for three fish and cost 100,- SEK. The 15'th the rest of the lakes will open as usual. I speak with me spouse about going as she has been hoping for me to have time to help her clean house for Christmas. We still have some time before the holidays, so we find room for me to go. 20151213 SunriseIt will in any case be nice to get some fish for dinner if the fish are biting of course.
I get off a little late, and arrive at the pond about 15 minutes after start. A row of cars along the side of the road tell me that there already are quite a few anglers on the ice. Down by the pond I find three guys sitting around an open fire. They have taken camping chairs with them, and have their fishing gear ready. I pay my license and start out on the ice, while looking to see if I can find Sonia amongst the anglers. I don't see her. In stead I see Loe. He's placed him self right where I usually fish when I'm here, so I go find a spot near him. I ask him if anyone has caught anything and he says that he's seen one or two fish been pulled up. It isn't very encouraging as there are at least 20 people on the ice. Just then I see his rod tip start to bounce. Loe quickly hooks the fish and starts to pull it up. He just manages to get the head of the fish out of the water before the fish manages to unhook it self, and slip away. 20151213 Sun has come up
After a little while Sonia and Kicki come out on the ice. Kicki heads back closer to the guys selling the fishing license, while Sonia heads further out on the ice. Loe and I talk about this years season. how late it has started, and where it is possible to fish. not all lakes have safe ice yet, so it is important to gather as much information as possible on where it is possible to fish. He also tells me about a trip that the club is arranging for Wednesday. 
The idea is to head down to a pond near Tännsjöborg where there is a natural stock of Arctic Char as well as some stocked Trout and Arctic Char. The fish there get big. Loe tells me of a 3 kg trout that was taken there last summer.
20151213 This is what they look likeBy now the sun has started to rise up behind the trees. The skies are blue, and it is turning out to be a beautiful day. The fish are however slow today. I have only had one bite, but no fish. I wait until about 11:00 before I decide to make it a short day on the ice and head home. I had a great time, but with no fish and lots of work to do at home I find it better to leave. It has anyhow been a good start of the season.