20151217 The ice thundering echos in the hillOpening day came December 15'th, and i got tripped the last minute from fishing and ended up spending the day at the doctors office with my daughter that had twisted her arm. Never imagined that they could be so slow at the doctors office. We where their first patient of the day, and it took one and a half hour before they let us in. Then a Nurse looked at my daughters arm, before another two hours of waiting for the doctor. By the time we got out from there it was too late to go fishing. In stead I went home and got some work done in stead. Then Wednesday I was all ready to go, just minutes before I was to be picked up by Sonia, and the local school calls, asking if I could step in for a teacher that was ill. Just bad luck I guess, but Wednesday evening I was so tired and put out that I actually was grumpy. Now, finally I'll get out there together with a couple friend. Hopefully.

20151217 My rod is waiting for a biteOf course we managed to sleep in, so the morning became a hectic mess of getting our daughter ready for Kindergarten, and my spouse off to work. They where ten minutes late out the door, and left just as Sonia showed up 20 minutes early. Her car had something wrong with it, so her Husband was driving her. I got my self out the door in a hurry, but didn't have time for breakfast, nor to get some warm drink or food with me. A hand full of candies and a couple ginger bread cookies was all that I managed to find in the hurry out the door.
Arne drops us off at Kicki's place. She provide the means of transport today.
It is still dark when we get out to the pond. After making sure that the ladies have all their gear, and are ready to go down to the pond I head off to the ice. Sonia has left her Auger at home. No sense in taking more Augers than needed. One is enough, so I plan on getting one line in the water, then make some holes for the others before they get down on the ice. 20151217 Kicki is getting ehr gear ready
By the time Sonia gets down on the Ice I have five holes ready, and make a few more in a different spot that Sonia points out to me. When I get back to my rod I get a bite. The fish has grabbed the bait directly and is going completely bananas down there, which leads me to think that it is a trout. Whatever it was it doesn't hang on for long, and leaves my line in a big tangle. By the time I get the tangle out of my line it is starting to get light, and that is about it for the fish today. Sonia has pulled up three fish, and Kicki two. Kicki's fish are small, so she lets them go. As usual Sonia puts everything she gets in her bag, big or small. The biggest being a nice 600-700g fish.
20151217 Dinner is savedI know this pond a bit better than Sonia and Kicki, and say that now that it has gotten light out the fish will probably not be biting much, and sure enough. The action grinds to a halt. Sonia manages to lure one fish up and me one during the next two hours. besides that it is quiet. Well quiet in regards of the fish biting. The Ice is thundering and cracking. Twice cracks form under my feet. They are nothing to worry about as they are the "growing pains" of the ice getting thicker.20151217 Diner is ready  We're enjoying the day, and the company of only the three of us, even though we get a little rain. Kicki and I explore a big "puddle" about 20 meters from the outlet of the pond. This spring it was full of water, and I thought I saw a couple fish in it. We find it completely empty. We can see where the water level has been, but now there is absolutely no water in it. It is almost weird to stand at a lower level than the ice in the pond, and stare out on the ice. It gives a feeling of being partly submerged in water, even though you are standing on dry land.
20151217 YumWhen I get home I am completely refurbished. The trip way out in the forest to the small pond, has charged my batteries. I clean the fish right away, fill the belly of the fish with butter and spices. Over the top I sprinkle some salt and some more spices. Then I wrap it up in baking foil, and get it ready for putting in the oven. Right after I have picked our daughter up from Kindergarten I put the fish in the oven, and turn on the heat for boiling the potatoes. Fresh caught Arctic Char for dinner.  Life is great again.