PC221001Sun is on it's way up. Perch are fun, they are also good eating, but they are small, and you need a lot of them for a meal. Well, that is what they say. Here the perch are not that small. At least not if you know where to look for them. The trick is to find the ponds and lakes that are a little walk from the road. Most of the local anglers are lazy, and don't fish in other lakes than they can walk to. Perch and pike are common fish here, found in virtually everywhere, so why walk 500m or further to get to a fishing spot. Personally I would rather walk that distance and have a great day with lots of fish than to go to the regular spots where everyone else is.


 PC221002Originally the plan was to go fishing Monday the 21, but warm weather made the conditions for fishing quite poor. Like us the fish prefer nice weather. Clear skies and sun. The 21 was not a rainy day, but fairly dark, and with lots of wind, so I stayed home. In the evening Sonia called me and asked if i wanted to go with her to a local lake. She said that there hadn't been people fishing there for years, so the fish where probably quite big. She said that she would pick me up at 07:30, then pick up Kicki, before driving to her place to meet up with an Jan Olov that wanted to go as well.
Sonia showed up a half an hour early as usual, and had already picked up Kicki. I had foreseen this and got a thermos of hot water and instant soup bags with me in my pack. Everything else had been ready since the evening before.
PC221003Jan Olov met us at Sonia's place, before we headed on to the lake. We drove with two cars as the reads in teh forest had been covered with ice the last few days, and no one has sanded the roads. There was a real danger that the roads would be slick ice with water on top. Turned out that the warm spell the last couple of days had managed to melt just about all the ice, so the driving to our fishing spot was not that bad at all.  The walk from the road to the lake was about 500 meters through the forest and across a swamp. With the ground frozen the walk was fairly easy, but the two ladies where cursing and complaining. They are both near retirement age, and have health thereafter.
Sonia had been here once before, so she lead us to the spot she believed would give us a good catch. It was still quite dark out, and it was just barely light enough for us to see to put bait on our hooks. The first person to catch fish was Jan Olov. A small perch came up out of his hole. Jan told me that he had lost a bigger one first. Soon I had a fish as well. A small perch. I commented that I could have caught bigger perch in my aquarium at home. Kicki replied great. I want the small ones for my animals at home. The next two babies ended up on the ice for Kicki's cats and Chickens.
After a while I started to get restless. The fish had stopped biting, and I had spent the last few minutes setting out tip-ups for pike. Now I wanted some perch, and they where certainly not here.
PC221007I grabbed my Auger, and tackle box/Chair and headed off along land, drilling holes where I believed there might be a fish or two. After drilling a half a dozen holes with no luck I saw that Jan started to head across the lake to a big rock which I had been eying for some time now. The rock was a few meters from shore, and stuck about a meter and a half out of the water. Around this rock was probably a good perch spot. I let Jan get there before me, and start his fishing before I moved closer in. I didn't want to hog his spot, and there was more than enough room for me to fish near by without getting in the way. Soon Jan started to catch fish, and not long after Sonia came across the ice and asked me to make a few holes for her. Not long after, PC221010Kicki headed over to us, passed us and went over to the other side of the rock. By now the fish had stopped biting, and Jan started to try different places. As I started to make a few holes for my self, I heard Kicki curse as she lost what she believed was a large perch. My new made holes turned out to be quite productive. In the first hole I immediately had a fish on. A nice 400g Perch. I had barely got the fish up and dropped my line in when another perch was on and heading off with my mormyshka in it's mouth. This second fish dropped off in the hole, but as soon as I dipped my line in the water, another one was on. I lost about ten fish, and got three up before the bite period was over. I moved to the next hole and the fish where back immediately. Another three fish up and then stop. The lake was as dead as before. Not a singe bite, and not a fish for any one of us. Jan and Sonia decided to eat their lunch, while Kicki and I searched on for the fish.
We continued for another hour before I went across the lake to where we had started. Sonia came after, and as soon as she started to get close, she heard a snap. it was a line baited with a roach that went off. A pike had taken her bait, and with no reel or rod to let out line, the line snapped like sewing thread.
PC221012The fish seemed not to be biting here either, so I made a couple of holes a little further out on the ice. After a bit of fishing I felt a tug on the line, and had a nice fish on. The fish gave me a fair fight. actually it fought enough that I started to believe that it might be a pike. it was however a nice 2 lb perch. A little while later I had another one on. This one felt bigger, and it set off like a rocket, but managed to get rid of the hook, and was gone.
The rest of the day was just spent enjoying the beautiful weather. Kicki and I tested out a few more spots which just resulted in me loosing one fish, and Kicki catching one.  By now Jan olov was tired and had headed to his car. A little later we gave up as well. The sun was now as high as it would get on the sky, and the fish where not willing to bite much at all. it wseemed as if we would catch a fish if we dropped the hook infront of ot's nose, and only then. We decided to call it a day and head back to the car.