P1091130I know that most people only fish during the summer, and most of those that fish during the winter will only go out whe the temperature is no colder than -15C. For us Countryfishers Ice fishing is something we do no matter how cold it is. Fact is that the Arctic Char usually bite best when the weather is nice with clear skies, and clear skies often mean cold weather. At least when you are in Härjedalen.



A couple guys that don't know the area too well have been asking me for tips on catching the various fish species in the valley.  I fish more than most, and know just about every lake and pond in the local fishing administration. I've promised these guys a trip out for Arctic char, and today was the day. Weather predictions where about -18C so not that bad, and I had been out on Thursday and caught two nice Char so it would be a perfect start of the fishing season to take these guys out. P1091129When morning came and I checked my computer while drinking my morning cup of coffee I get a worried message regarding the weather. "It's -27 out, should we wait and go another day ?". My reply was negative. I've got a good ice fishing tent that I can keep heated to about +20C so no worries. The three guys showed up a little late as one of them had had difficulties starting his car. Out by the lake the temperature was dropped even further, but I kept us moving and we hurried out to a spot I was tipped about a few days before. First thing was to get a few rods out, so I hurried and made some holes and got three rods in. After that I cleaned off a spot on the ice for the tent, and started to put it up. By now the three guys where already showing signs of freezing.P1091125
I hurried up and finished setting up the tent, and got a pot of hot coffee going while I made holes for them to fish from inside the tent. A shout stopped me in my work. there was fish on the one rod, and one of the guys reeled it in. He got the line back in just about as I was finished setting up everything in the tent.
P1091132The three hurried in to the tent and found each their spot to sit and fish. I served some fresh coffee, and we chatted while waiting for the fish to strike. Unfortunately no more fish where interested, and even though it was nice and toasty warm in the tent, one of the guys just couldn't get his feet warm. Turned out that none of them where dressed properly for the weather. No long wool underwear, and only one pair of way too thin socks. At noon we gave up on the fishing and headed back as fast as we could. All in all I guess the guys where satisfied. We hadn't caught much fish, but they had learned a lot about ice fishing for Arctic Char. We plan to go out again, but it won't be until the temperature is a bit better.