P6011627In Härjedalen the summer season officially starts June 1'st. Of course it is possible to fish in open waters all year around, and usually most rivers and lakes have open water from the beginning of May. The thing is though that the lakes and ponds with Brown Trout and Arctic Char open Jun 1'st. This day a lot of anglers are out attempting to catch their first trout for the summer. I personally set off this day to do just that. Fish in some of the lakes and ponds that have been closed since there was thick ice on the water. 

P6011629After a bit of a hassle, and waiting to get the key to the boat I rented, I finally got out to the lake at around 10 am. My plan had been to be on the water by 08:00, and catch the morning bite, but this was not possible. I saw one other boat on the water, and it looked as if he was on the way back in to land. I decided to get out there anyway. Sun rising on the sky, and very little wind promised a nice and warm day on the water. P6011631
Unfortunately the fish didn't seem to like the day as well as I did, because they stayed away from my lures. The only thing that hit my lure was a nice sized pike. He gave me some exiting minutes as the handle on my reel broke during the fight, and left me having to Jerry rig my reel while fighting the pike to get my line in. luckily the hooks where set well, and the fish never went that far off that it emptied my reel, or reached any logs or rocks. After about ten minutes of heart pounding fight, I could land the fish. From then on it was only a matter of rowing the boat and enjoying the sun. 
at about noon I met another angler on the way out in a small wooden boat. He was targeting surfacing fish with his fly rod. I guess that was what the fish wanted today, because I saw him pull up a small trout or arctic char. After circling the entire 5 km long lake I headed back home. satisfied and sun burnt on my arms.