Perch on a Rudi64 WobblerEvery summer my two sons come to visit. They both love the outdoors, and everything it has to offer. Kristoffer, the youngest of the two is not the keenest angler. his interests are more for environment, biology and all the living beings in nature, and then specially in and around the water. Adrian, the oldest of the two is even more hooked on fishing than I am. This year Kristoffer had been invited to go on a trip with a buddy, so his stay was cut short. After he had left I aimed our activities more on fishing. This year we rented a boat on Hundsjön, and Adrian, Sonia and I went out to try for some trout. Unfortunately the wind increased such that we had to cut our trip short, so I suggested an alternate plan. Explore a small pond that I always had been curious about.

The stream from the pondThe pond in question is called Valtjärn. It is located a short distance from the east end of Hundsjön. To get there we rowed with the wind to the end of the lake, found a bay with shelter from the wind, and pulled the boat on land. then we walked the few hundred meters through the forest, to the pond. As expected the forest gave the pond some shelter from the wind. there was just enough of a breeze left to keep the mosquito's away. Perfect. !
As expected, Adrian was the first to reach he pond. By the time Sonia and I had got there, he had already explored about a hundred meters of the shoreline. The pond is almost circular with an island in the middle. Adrian also found the remains of an old wooden boat rotting in the marsh. Most of the pond was very shallow, only about two feet deep. The shoreline was mostly marshes, but solid enough to walk on. Near the outlet was a larger area with deeper water. It took us a little while to find the deeper water, so there was a lot of weeds being pulled up, and a lot of swearing before we suddenly heard a shout from Adrian. "Fish on" ! Shortly after we see a fish splashing in the surface only a few feet from Adrian. A moment later and he's holding a nice eating size perch up for us to see.
CloudberriesShortly after Sonia and I are standing along side him casting our lines into the deeper areas of the pond as well. It isn't long before all three of us have fish on. Each of us have nice eating size perch on our hooks. Nothing big, but nice eating size. 
We continue fishing for about an hour. the fish get more careful, and there are pauses between the strike periods. among the three of us we catch a fair number of fish. Adrian also gets a small pike. 
I take note of all the Cloudberry plants growing in the marsh. In a week or two there will be ripe berries, and I intend to be back berry picking. 
On our way back I find my first two forest mushrooms of the year. this reminds me that in about a month it will be mushroom picking time here in the valley. I just love the four seasons of the year. Each month has it's own weather pattern, different things to do, and changes. all in some of the most beautiful landscape of the world. 
Valsjön by nightWhen we get back to the boat we find that the wind has gotten even stronger, so we just cross the bay, find a beach on the side of the lake where the road is, and walk through the forest to the road. Adrian and i come back during the night, when the wind has calmed down, and row the boat back to where we got it. If anyone has rented the boat for the next day it will be ready for them. At the boat place we meet a family sitting around their camp fire in front of the wind shack. They have been fishing with worms from the shoreline and caught one nice trout. The day has been way too windy to fish on Hundsjön.