Slider04I was thinking of writing a simple Christmas card to post on our facebook page, and send as E-mail to customers and friends, but I felt that it wasn't enough. In stead I'll write a little about this years events, and how we are doing at the Countryfisher. 

Herring 04We started 2016 by increasing our range of 3D eyes sizes, and getting all our realistic 3D eyes in both right and left eye. This had been requested from several of our customers, and allthough we already had some mdoels with both right and left eyes, far from all had this. Winter fishing of 2015 went fairly well. lots of huge jumbo perch where caught, and we tested several new lakes. Spring came early, but was flipped over to cold weather as soon as we hit summer season, and the fishing started, so we didn't do that much fishing during the summer. we did however have a few supper guests. They all got to enjoy some nice fishing. Also the summer season showed us some new spots, and i pulled my fly rod out after a long time of letting it get dusty in the rod rack. Besides some nice fishing we did get a few aha experiences, and we did make a lot of new friends and contacts. Mainly at the big sportsfishing fair in Stockholm and the international lure builders fair in Poland. 
This has resulted in us now being able to deliver custom hig quality 3D eyes, and other sticker products that are hand made in Sweden, as well as jerkbaits, tailbaits and softbaits from Esox gear, and a whole range of gear from master Yo. As usual we only sell quality hand made products, so you know that when you buy something from us you will not only get great service, you will get the very best quality as well. 

P1091125We've always tried to not feed the big newspapers, and marketing chanels with hard earned money that should go to expanding our range of goods. In stead we rely on fairs, markets, and auction house web sales such as Ebay, and Tradera. Amazone however have been a huge dissapointment as they are so locked up on big scale commercial production that their red tape policies made us chose not to support them, so for you amazone customers that are reading this, we'll give you a hint. Visit our web shops in stead. First off you'll get better prices on our websites, but you will also be able to see our entire range of goods. You can always contact us directly and make your purchase through facebook. then you'll get personal service as well. 

Ted with nice PerchSo what's up for next year ? well, we can not say what 2017 will bring us, but we can tel you a little about our goals. We've started a cooperation with Destignation Sveg  We hope that this will help inform those of you that haven't visited us or tried our fishing to get to know the place a little better ans what our community has to offer. Hopefully it will urge you to make your next vacation here. Not only for your personal fishing experience, but for your entire family. We do have a lot more to offer than just the fishing, and it is all quite luxurious for a minimal price compared to most other destignations. 

We are also aiming at expanding our web shop, and of course range of items. Parts for spinner and lure making will increase, as well as fishing gear in general. We will also be getting fly tying materials and fly fishing gear Some are already on their way in our stocks. 

At the fair in PolandOur activities will start already in February with our representative joining the Sportsfishing Cruise arranged by "Sportsfiskarna" in Sweden. here you can see our representative show some spinner making and tell you a little about the history of the spinner lures. You can even get to try and make a spinner your self. Other lure builders will be there such as Peter Dahlström, and Esko Ikäläinen, and many more. 
We will as last year be joining Save the Baltic at the big sportsfishing fair in Jönköping. Our representative will be tying flies, and making spinners, and will be selling a selection of our gear. 
We will also try and take part in the lure builders fair in Poland. This event is an adventure to visit as you will get to meet some of the very best lure builders in Europe. 
Besides these larger events we will be showing up at several ice fishing competitions during the winter and spring, as well as local fairs and markets. We might even show up on a few events in Norway. 

We wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

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