Hundsjön 20161225 03In the Nordic countries we celebrate Christmas eve, not Christmas day, so while we have our big Christmas dinner and open presents on Christmas eve, Christmas day is usually spent lazing around the house, watching Christmas shows on Television, or visiting friends. When I started ice fishing here in Sweden in 2007 I started my own little tradition, and that was to spend Christmas day (December 25'th) out on the ice fishing. This is something that has stuck with me since then, and even now that I have a family I keep my tradition. My spouse and our daughter are both welcome to join me, but they both have chosen to stick with the traditional "resting day" in fromt of the TV, or having fun indoors. 

A friend had been asking me to go fishing with him the last few days, and with Christmas approaching I didn't have much time left over to get out of the house, but Christmas day fit just as well for him as it does for me, so we decided to give Hundsjön a try.  As usual before a fishing trip I wake up several times during the night to check the clock. This night was no exception, but after our daughter had crawled into bed with us, and my spouse got up with her due to all the kicking and wiggling around, I fell in such deep sleep that the next thing I knew, was my spouse shaking me and saying that my friend was here and ready to fishing. I had slept through two alarms without noticing them at all. 
Hundsjön 20161225 02Well, Time to hurry up. Riikka filled a thermos of coffee for me to take with me on the Ice while I got my gear together, and made a small lunch. Ten minutes later we where sitting in my old Volvo on our way out to Lake Hundsjön. I hoped that the summer road to the lake was plowed. Turned out that it wasn't, so we ended up driving as fast as I dared through un-plowed road with old frozen tracks after someones 4x4. My trusty old Volvo managed the task quite well. I had chosen this car just because of it's good clearing to the road. The gravel roads in the forests around here can often be washed out, have logs lying across them or big rocks sticking up, and the old volvo's have a high clearing to the road as well as being the closest thing to a tank on today's roads of tin and plastic vehicles. 
We arrived safely by the lake, and decided to go out to the most popular ice fishing spot. Allthough the bottom is very even across the entire lake, only varying between 16 and 9 meters deep, there is a spot in the middle of the lake where the depth is around 9-11 meters. I have caught fish all around this spot, and anywhere else in this section of the lake, but the locals seem to think that this one spot is the magical spot where they will catch most fish. Today it seemed to be true, because the fish started to bite almost as soon as we got our lines in, and we had a fairly stady catch throughout the day. We did have some moments when the fish didn't bite, and this is when we spent time drinking coffee, or taking a bite to eat. I alos of course had my camera with me and took some photo's. These where the moments when we left our rods unattended, and this made for some funny episodes. 
My friends rod started to bob, and I was the one closest to his rod, and as there was no snow on the ice it was quite slippery. I managed so slide past his rod and grab it just seconds before a fish pulled it through the ice. 
Hundsjön 20161225 04Later it was my turn. My rod started first to shake and jiggle, then suddenly bent and started to let out line. I started to pull up what I thought was a big fish, but realized that I had two fish. one on the Mormyshka and one on the fly. While I was fighting my fish, Modi started to reel up his line saying that he had fish as well. It wasn't until I had got my two fish up on the ice that I noticed his line tangled around mine. I checked if he had a fish on, which he didn't, then started to jerk and pull his line as if I was a big fish. Modis shouted that this must be a huge fish. I laughed and told him it was me goofing around with him, and then I asked him to give some slack so I could untangle our lines. 
When the sun went behind the hill on the west side of the lake we packed our gear and headed back to the car. We both had had a great day, and it warmed my heart that Modi had been the one of us to get most fish. after all he was fairly new to ice fishing and deserved the fishing experience. I have fished on the ice since I was a kid. This day was however one of the better.