Hundsjön 20161228 02Hundsjön is a very difficult lake to figure out. One day you can have great fishing, and then you'll have several weeks where the fish seem to be all gone. Other days you're hard work pays off, but only after hours and hours of effort. Today was one of those good day. Not only was the fishing good, but the weather and entire atmosphere as well. 

 Today it was Modi that picked me up, and we drove to the fishing spot in his car. Just the car ride makes a different experience when there is 15 years between the two cars in age. The one acts like a tank on the road, while the other as if it is on rails. Today's car seats are also way different than they where 20 years ago. It is like comparing an office chair with a lazy boy armchair both are comfortable to sit in but in two entirely different ways.
Just as we got out to the fishing spot the sun started to crawl up on the horizon. This time of year it doesn't stay light for long, and the sun just barely climbs over the horizon. From our spot we actually could see the sun, but from my house it doesn't manage to climb over the tree tops until February. It wasn't long before we had our first fish.
Today it was me who caught the first one. A nice arctic char had taken one of my flies, and gave me a good fight before it was up on the ice. 
Hundsjön 20161228 03Modi had said that he expected there to be a lot of people on the ice today. He was dead on in regards of this. it was a work day, so there wasn't too many people. but last time we where out there was a different lake where they where opening the fishing season. Opening days usually attracts a crowd of anglers. I like it better when we are only a small group of friends on the ice, so I had suggested Hundsjön on Christmas day. Boxing day we had way too much wind, so most people stayed home. There where already five people on the ice before we arrived. Three of them where fishing close to "our" spot, and they could tell us that they had caught a couple fish, but nothing out of the ordinary. 
It turned out that the fishing was quite good anyway. we both caught near a dozen fish. some we let go as they where small, but we had some nice fish with us home. nothing huge, but nice eating. Modi was a but unlucky as the top of his brand new rod broke while hooking a fish, and on his good rod the line broke as he was taking a fish out of the water. Unfortunately the fish got away with a hook in it's mouth. I explained that the fish would be fine. it might take a day, a few hours, or a week, but the hook would fall out eventually.
Hundsjön 20161228 04A little past noon the fish stopped biting. We kept on fishing for a little while, testing old holes, and moving around a little, but nothing. The three old timers that where fishing in the same spot moved a couple km further down the lake. I doubt that they had much more luck down there than we had. Shortly before we started to pack our gear, Modi catches a small perch. I had mentioned to him on Christmas day that we usually don't catch Perch so far out on the lake, but that some times we would catch the odd small perch. 
Hundsjön 20161228 05On our way home again we talked about how nice the day had been. Recreation like this is medicine for body and soul. When we got home Modi gave me a pair of boots that he wasn't using any more. He had noticed that my old boots where all worn out, and he had a pair that he didn't have use for. I owe him a big thanks. I believe we will have many future fishing trips together, so I am sure I will be able to pay back with some favor at some point.