20170113 01As we all know, Friday the 13'th is supposed to be an unlucky day. Today it was just that in a funny and irritating way that just made me laugh and enjoy the day so much more. We had had a couple days of snowy and some warm weather, and today the winter came back. With the skies clearing up and the temperatures dropping, Sonia and I decided to try a different place.

My reasons for choosing a different lake where several, but mainly that I was getting sick of key members in the local fishing club fishing several times the quota in Hundsjön and then posting the fish for sale on the internet. I can understand a child getting carried away, but a grown couple where both are front figures in the local fishing club, and both working full time and no need for the fish for their dinner table, acting like common poachers. Another reason was that I wanted to try a lake more challenging. Svartsjön in Ängesjö is just that.


 The reason for Svartsjön being a different challenge is because there are no pike in the lake. this allows the Arctic Char and Brown trout to move more freely. For us as anglers it means that the fish are close to land in the shallow waters. You are standing only a few feet above the fish, and they can practically hear your breathing, and see you in the eye. The big fish are found on 3 to 9 feet of water (1-3 meters). Fishing on deeper water means either no fish or only small arctic char. 
Modi wanted to join us today, so that would mean three anglers on the ice. We stopped on the way to the lake to register our fishing license, and hurried out to our usual fishing spot on the lake. I quickly drilled holes for Sonia and me, while Modi borrowed Sonia's Auger and drilled a hole for him self near us. It wasn't long before I heard Modi complain about how shallow it was. I told him the facts about this lake, and advised him to stay on the shallows or he would only catch small fish, but he didn't seem to listen, because he headed off in search of deeper waters, and that was the last we heard from him for a while. 
I had not had time to eat breakfast, but I had made a thermos of soup that I had with me, so as soon as Modi headed off, I secured my rod, and started to pour my self a coup of soup. Of course today being the day it was, a fish had to strike at my rod while I was pouring soup. The tip of my rod suddenly bounced down in to the water, then popped up again. By the time I managed to react, the fish was gone. Sonia, just hearing the racket asked what was happening, and i told her about the fish. 
20170113 02Nothing more happened for a while, so I decided to head off to a different spot that I know of. Another Friday the 13'th thing was that I had forgot the bog of bait at home, so I had to borrow bait from Sonia. Leaving her for a new spot would certainly mean me running out off bait on my hooks, so I asked to nick a few maggots from her bait box to take with me. No problem, she said, but I realized suddenly that it was a problem. Usually I have an empty bait box in my pocket, but not today. My brain twisted out a solution. My Deeper fish finder. Although the maggots would be chilled to near freezing temperatures, they would survive a ride in my Deeper, and as long as I made sure the Rubber cap for the charging port was secure, and opened the Deeper up-side-down, it would work out as a bait box as well as a fish finder !
A few maggot locked in my Deeper, and a short walk later I was dropping my line down a newly made hole in the ice. An hour later and still no fish, I started to get hungry for some more soup. Only problem was that I had to leave my rod to go back to Sonia, as I had left my thermos with her. I secured my rod, and left the line in the water, and walked over to Sonia for a chat, and some soup. A half an hour later I headed back to my rod. As I approached my rod I say the tip dive into the hole. A really nice Arctic char was on, and it gave me a nice fight before it spit out my hook just under the ice. Strike two ! I said, and shouted to Sonia that I had just lost another fish. 
Her reply was a shout for help. She is not young any more and had problems getting up from her fishing seat. Again I secured my rod, and headed over to her. This time I only stayed long enough to help her up, before I headed back to my rod. This time there was no fish, but the drop line was missing it's hook ! a fish had managed to snap the lock between the hook and the line. Darn, Strike Three !
20170113 03The next hour was without any events, but then Modi came back. I asked him if he had caught anything. No he said, but he had had a couple small nibbles. Probably small fry I said. You are fishing in way to deep water. Crappy fishing spot he said, and headed back out on the lake again. I just managed to hear him say something about it would have been better to go to Hundsjön, before he disappeared tor-ward the closest island. By then Sonia was starting to get cold, and bored because she had not even felt a nibble. Should we start heading home she asked. Sure I said, but let me try something first. besides that first fish that zoomed by, grabbed my bait and zoomed off again, all fish have bitten while we where not near our rods. Let me try something, and I started off to the first spot we had been fishing. I dropped my line in the same hole that I had had the first fish on, and headed back top Sonia. We both started to pack our gear, and started to head back to the car. I let Sonia get half way to the car before I headed off behind in her tracks. When I got to my rod I noticed the line was slack. I carefully picked up my rod to not scare any fish that might be on, reeled in the slack, and gave a jerk. Darn nothing there, but about four meters (12 feet) of line had been pulled off the reel, and some of the bait was missing, so clearly a fish had taken my bait while I was packing my gear. Strike Four ! I said, then shouted to Modi that we where going home. He caught up with me just as I was finished packing my rod in my pack, and was ready to walk the last bit to the car. I asked him if he had caught anything, and he showed me a tiny Arctic char that had swallowed the bait, and had to be taken. The place over there was very promising. Five meters deep (15 feet). Too deep was all I said. You should have stayed in the shallows. I lost four, and at least two where really nice size fish. All in all, I was satisfied with my day. I had got to fight fish, and had a nice time. Those only interested in pulling up fish just to pull up fish got what they deserved.