20170119 02Just about every angler is out trying to catch the biggest fish possible for the species he or she is fishing for. For me it is not about that. Big fish are fun, but in my eyes they are to be protected, and let go. A 1 kg (2.2lb) perch is around ten years old, and has the genes to grow big. Maybe even to grow faster than the rest of his species, and maybe even the genes to grow bigger than the rest of his species. A fish like that deserves to breed and spread it's genes. We humans defy the rules of nature by targeting the biggest fish first. This has resulted in various species not longer growing to their full potential. It is starting to get so bad that we are even changing the genes of the fish. The Scientists call it human caused evolution. For instance, the cod in the Atlantic ocean are spawning at an earlier age that they did 100 years ago. Their maximum size is 45 cm shorter than it was 100 years ago. Another factor with fish that adapt to humans targeting the large fish is that they start to spawn more often. The entire west coast of Norway has thousands of ponds and lakes with brown trout. Normally Brown trout spawn every 2-3 years, and start spawning at an age of 4-5 years. In the over populated lakes on the west coast of Norway the fish spawn every year, and start spawning at an age of 3. Maximum age for a trout is around 40 years. In the over populated lakes the maximum age is around 7 years. Several hundred years of heavy fishing with nets is the cause, combined with the fact that there aren't any other predator fish in these lakes. They are usually populated only with Trout, or Trout and Arctic Char. 

20170119 01I won't go on further about the biology of fish, but the fact that a small fish can give just an interesting story as a big one. Today Sonia and I went up to the dam to fish. We fish on a small bay just below the dam. The bay freezes over every winter, and is a good spot for perch Whitefish and Pike. If your really lucky you can even catch a grayling, burbot or trout. Most of the time we catch small perch from 2 inches long (5cm) and up, and Roach that are perfect size for bait for Pike.
In between the small fish we'll pull up some larger whitefish, or Perch. Today was just such a day. I started out making a couple dozen holes in the ice, then walked around with my Deeper fish finder, trying to locate the fish before fishing. When I found a spot I started to fish there until the fish stopped biting, before using my Deeper to locate the next hole with fish under it. 

20170119 03

The Deeper makes it easier and faster to find the fish, and a much needed tool when I bring guests with me on fishing trips. In other wise a key tool in my guiding service. 

While fishing in a new hole I started to pull up miniature perch. after about three perch I suddenly got a bigger bite, and had a nice fight with a 1 lb perch.
Finally up on the ice I find that I've got not only the one perch, but two. A miniature perch has snatched the Mormyshka right in front of the big one, but the big one didn't stop, it just snapped at the Mormyshka and the small fish, and got caught him self.
20170119 04The hook #16 Mormyshka was in the mouth of the small perch, with the hook sticking out the side of it's mouth, and in to the side of the mouth of the big perch. Of course the larger perch could have been attacking the small one, but by experience I know the small fry to be really daring at snapping the bait from in front of the nose of larger fish. 

This got Sonia and me talking for a while. It is a once in a life time event to catch two fish on the same time, on the same hook. I've heard of it happen, but never seen it before my self. Catch two fish on the same treble, even three, where each fish is on it's own branch of the treble, but never two fish on the same single hook. 

20170119 05After a while the fish stop biting, so I go off to locate more fish. I find a few good holes, and call for Sonia to join me. That is when the Perch bonanza starts. The fish start biting like crazy. Small 100g (3.5Oz) perch and up to around 300g (10.5oz). I barely get my line in before I've got one on. Sonia starts to fill perch in a bag as she want to take the small fish to a friend that uses them to feed his chickens. She has trouble catching up with me as the fish are biting faster than she can pick them up. Eventually the fish slow down, and I pack up my gear. We've been invited over to a friend for a cup of coffee.