Fiskecruise 04Once a year the Swedish fishing association arranges a short cruise for their members. The cruise is held on one of the boats that normally travel between Sweden and one of their neighboring countries. This years cruise was held on the MS Cinderella that travels between Stockholm  and Finland. There are loads of events going on during the cruise. The boat offers tax free shopping,  and several other activities that they offer on all their crossings, and for the Fishing cruise "Sportsfiskarna" has their own activities. I had been asked to show up and take part in a workshop on the trip. The workshop was to have several different stations where lure builders and fly tiers from all over Sweden where to show of what they make. I am most known for being a fly tier and lure builder, and for the workshop I got to choose whatever I wanted as long as it wasn't the same as anyone else was arranging. I thought first of lure building, making wobblers, or making ice fishing jigs and let the visitors paint their own ice fishing jigs, but decided that these where to close related to what the other guys had, so I ended up choosing spinner making. 

FIskecruise 01Making spinners is something I have been doing off and on again for years, and right now I have been working on a new model. The New model is something a friend asked for a couple years back, and it has taken me some time to collect the right parts, and hatch a plan for my new product. The initial request was to make a spinner that was black and yellow. Easy enough, but I was never satisfied with the paint job of the body, nor the model, so I started working on an entire different model of body for my spinner. Black and yellow meant wasp colors, so why not make a wasp spinner. I started out modelling a wasp out of clay, but found that something was wrong. The head, so I removed the head, and made only a model of the body of a wasp. The spinner blade is to imitate the wings, and for a head I used black beads. Using heat resistant rubber I made a mold using the clay master. I made sure that the body got an off-set weight distribution so the body won't spin in the water, and molded a bunch of lead bodies using my new rubber mold. The first prototype I painted to look exactly like a wasps body, used brass Swiss spinner blades, and tied some pike Skinz hair in black and yellow for a tail. Quite satisfied with the prototype I packed all my gear for spinner making, added some fly tying materials to make tails, and was ready for the cruise.Fiskecruise 02 
On my way down to stockholm I stopped by Peter who was also going to have a table at the workshop. His specialsty for the cruise was leeders for pike fishing, snap locks, and rigs for softbaits. 
The first afternoon on the boat was mere pleasure. There was a big show where we got to see the finals of the Perch Pro competition. The fly fishermen totally out classed their competition. both in regards of most fish, but also the largest fish. I had kind of expected that as the two guys with fly rods had pulled up over 400 perch the first day, completely outclassing the competition, and had outclassed the other cuys on number of fish the rest of the competition as well. It had gotten to the point that the competition had given up on catching most fish, and in stead had only gone for cathing the big ones. 
After the show we all went to eat, shop a little in the txfree shopping, and just relaxed and got to know one another. 
The next day I got up early for the breakfast buffè, before going to the workshop. I had unpacked my things the day before, so it was only a matter of  starting to make spinners, and answer any questions from visitors. It turned out that most people where more interested in looking at all the baits and us making gear than to actually participate them selves, but that was quite OK since I had more than enough to keep me busy as it was.Fiskecruise 03 
The day went very quickly. Actually so fast that I didn't get more than five minutes to look at what the other guys where doing. Before it was all over. The boat was back in the harbor in Stockholm and we had to pack our gear as fast as possible and get off the boat. Peter and I took the bus to the train station, then the train to Gnestad before I drove him home to his place, and started on teh six hour drive back home to Sveg. 
My head was full of ideas and plans for new baits. A lot of which will be tested this summer.