The ice fishing season is uppon us, and though I already have been out on the ice, December the 15'th is more ore less become a traditional start of the season. This is because the local lakes and ponds with stocked trout and Arctic Char open this day for the winter. I started preparing for my fishing trip the day before by hooking up my Deeper sonar, battery bank, and camera to their chargers, and getting my fishing gear ready. All ready to just jump in my clothes and drive out to the lake in the morning. 

20171215 05Morning came and I hurried to get our daughter to kindergarten before heading out to the lake. I mounted my phone and battery bank in the phone casing before heading out on the ice. Just as I was about to start walking out to find a fishing spot I had charted during the summer another car pulled up behind mine. The guy that stepped out told me that he usually fished on the same spot I was heading, but had always had problems finding it. He had found land marks that helped, but he always had to make several holes before finding the right spot. I showed him the map I had made during the summer, and then headed out to find the spot. (Check Screenshot 1)
20171215 01Arriving just on the shallowest spot, I dropped my Deeper in the hole, placed my phone on the ice by the hole, baited my hooks and started to fish. It wasn't long before the first fish was on. A nice Arctic char, just right size for the frying pan. 
20171215 02Besides the guy that came the same time as me, there where four others on the ice. They where moving from hole to hole searching for fish, and it seemed as they where not having much luck either. After a an hour two of them went home. I started making holes around the edge of the shallow, and went from hole to hole, looking for more fish. after testing three holed I noticed something that bumped into my line. I gave a few jerks, and it bumped into my line again. This is typical trout behaviour. bumping in to the bait and pushing it infront of them before striking. I teased the fish a little by giving some small flirting jerks with the rod, and fish number two was on. A nice trout came out of the water and on to the ice. Off thing was that I never saw the fish on the fish finder. This happens often when fishing in shallow waters. The area the fish finder sees is so small that the fish can stand just outside the cone of sight, sweep in and take the bait without it showing on the sonar. In such cases the sonar is not of much help, but if you have made many holes, and the fish are getting slow, you can use the fish finider to walk from hole to hole, dipping the sonar in to look for fish. You'll only see fish directly under the hole, but usually this is where they stand as if studying the bottom to find that tasty jig it saw earlier. 20171215 03Searching with the sonar is in this case much faster than fishing in each hole to try and find fish. Saves time and makes your fishing more effective. I finally ended up on the outer rim of the shallow. the water was starting to get deeper here near 8 meters, when I felt something push my line again. I flirted a little with the fish, and had it on the hook a couple of times without biting properly, then it suddenly gave a decent bite on my jig and got hooked. The fight was short, and the fish came all the way up under the ice. I could see it circle around the hole fighting to avoid the hole in the ice before it syddenly was loose and set off down in the deep. 20171215 04Too bad. this one was a little bigger. Somewhere between 1 and 2 kg.  I fished for a little while more before heading back home. I had a nice catch, and had a nice day. No sense in staying longer on the ice and getting cold from the blistering wind. The weather forcast on my Deeper app said 1meter per second, but the wind was blowing at least 3 to 5 meters per second. It always blows like this out on this lake, and often it is blowing so much that we can't see our feet for all the snow blowing along the ice. As for the new phone case, my phone was on and connected to my Deeper Pro+ the entire time I was out. The sceen was on the whole time so I could follow up real time on what the Deeper was seeing under the water. I was out for about 3,5 hours, and when I got home the battery level on my phone was 89%. This was after I had  drove the 20 km drive home where most of the drive was on gravel un-plowed roads. I don't think my phone (Samsung A3) will have any problems keeping up with the 6 hour battery life of the Deeper. This is all thanks to the Deeper phone case and the battery bank I have for my phone.