The CountryfisherMost anglers seem to think catching fish is all about having the right fly, lure or bait, but this is completely wrong. Of course I'm not saying that what you put on the end of your line doesn't matter, but that it is more important to actually locate the fish. When you have found the fish you will in any case be able to lure the fish to bite. That is is you know how to use your lures, flies and bait in the right way. The sportsfishing business has been focusing more and more on luring the anglers to buy their products than actually making products that catch fish. Personally I try and keep my fishing simple. I might have lots of lures, flies and other gear with me, but I tend to use the same fly, the same lure and the same bait for most of my fishing, with great success. 

Sonia and I had planned to go out and look for roach. We use roach for bait when fishing pike, and I also have a lot of people come knocking on the door, asking to buy roach, so now it was time to fill the freezer. We have been fishing for these little buggers for a while now, but fishing had started to get slow in our usual spots. Probably because we had diminished the schools of fish quite a bit. 
The COuntryfisherThe weather was beautiful, and after a frustrating attempt to get a fishing licence for a lake we know has a lot of roach, we decided to turn around and buy a license in a pond where they stock trout and arctic char , as well as the pond having a healthy population of Roach, Perch and Pike. I purchased my license online, using my phone. It was easy and a simple task. An SMS with my license was sent to my phone in case a warden showed up. We headed quickly for the spot where I used to find roach before, but I found that they where not home, so I made a hole a little further out on the ice, knowing that the spot might give roach, but also might give trout or Char. Sure enough, a few seconds after dropping my line in, a nice trout struck. Unfortunately the fish got loose, and after fishing in the same spot for about five minutes I decided to move a few meters and make a new hole. This time I got a fish on almost immediately. Shortly after I headed off to make a new hole. This new hole also produced fish. Another trout, this time a little smaller. A few minutes later I moved to make hole number four. This time A nice arctic char struck. My quote for salmonoids was reached. Sonia, eager to catch fish wanted me to make a hole further out. I told her that it was pointless, and sure enough, this new hole didn't produce anything. Sonia hadn't realized that I had been using my Deeper fish finder to locate the fish. I never saw a fish on the screen, but I did se the drop off where the fish hunt, and that was enough for me. After locating the drop off, and making the first hole in the right spot it was only a matter of following the shore line, and make holes in a paralell line to the shore. 
The CountryfisherMaking the hole further out was only to proove to my friend that it was too far out, and no fish where to be found on that spot. 

My search for roach turned out unsuccessful. Sonia got bored because the fish wheren't biting, and wanted to go to a different spot to search for roach, and I had to head home to attend a customer that wanted gear for a competition the following day. 
We had had a couple of nice hours on the ice in beautiful weather. I will for sure head up to this pond once again before the season is over.  Hopefully I will find some roach the next time. I'll probably go on my own, and take my time to locate the baitfish. They tend to stick together in schools, and that makes them harder to find.