After a dudd trip in attempt to catch some Arctic Char for the Christmas feast , and some very shifty weather my hopes where not exactly the highest when heading out to the fishing spot. Getting to the lake I find that the usual gang of anglers where already there. These are a set of old timers that believe that fishing is to fill the freezer, and they keep pulling up fish and stuffing it in their freezer even though half of their catch get's tossed in the compost . No wonder they need to stock some fish every year in these lakes. 






Well, the lake is big, and there are lots of places to fish where the locals don't  go.  Today i decided to test out a new spot. A place where we have caught some huge brown trout, but besides a small perch that took as soon as I dropped my line down there wasn't any fish that wanted to take. After a couple of hours of Nor fish, and a lot of drilling of new holes I decided to test  another place. My plan was that if I didn't catch anything in the new spot I'd go home after about a half an hour. 

It turned out that the new spot had been fished before as there where five or six old holes in the ice. In one of the holes a branch was placed, indicating that there had been caught fish here. Sure enough after about 15 minutes of fishing I got some careful nudges. An arctic char being careful while checking out the mormyshka. I gave some extra jerks, and suddenly the fish was on the hook. A nice arctic char was on the other end, giving me a good fight before ending up on the ice. Shortly after another fish was on. Now I had enough fish for Christmas, so I headed home. The snow was turning into rain, and the wind was blowing strong so it was getting quite sour to be on the ice.