Besides catching some arctic char for sugar salting I also needed some fish to bake in the oven. Arctic Char is the best, but this morning it was raining, and the roads where extremely slick, so I decided to try something else in stead.





Near by there is a small pond that they stock with a few raibow trout every year. I have been to this pond a few times before, but never caught anything. I haven't tried the Ice fishing in December here though.  My other trips have been just before ice break or during the summer. Neither which have resulted in any fish besides some miniature pike. 


Even though it had rained all night the path to the pond was quite OK to walk on. And even though there was a swamp between the forest and the pond I didn't get wet at all getting out on the ice. I guess that the ground was still frozen en not ready to give up on winter, even though the rain was trying to tell it other wise. 

I found that even there had been others on the ice the day before, and the temperatures had been well up on the plus side of  0C, the holes had frozen shut with a thin layer of ice. Still not more than I could break up with the tip of my boot. 

At first I tried a bit from land in an old hole there. This did not give any result. I then tested out a hole close to land. The depth being only about a meter and a half . After a minute or so of fishing I felt my mormyshka bumping into sumthing or almost getting snagged on something. This led me to believe that there might be a log on the bottom or a branch. Then after a little more fishing I got the idea that this might be a trout sniffing at my bait. I stopped jigging, and suddenli the line went slack. I gave a jerk, and an explosion of twisting and jerking was the what I got as a reply. A nice rainbow was on my hook. A short fight later I had the fish on the ice. The hook caught in the roof of the fishes mouth, and the hook stripped for bait. 

I put some new bait on the hook, and tried again. This time I fished for about five minutes before I realised that there where no more fish willing to take right now. I moved to a neighboring hole, and immediately I got the same small nudges as before. This time the fish got spooked. I managed to hook him for a few seconds, and lost him again. After that the pond went dead. I tried fishing several different places. I even went clear over to the other side, but not even a nibble. The fish had been biting exactly when the sun came up, and after the sun was up the biting stopped. I guess that's why they say that the early bird gets the worm.

I had done what I came here for, and i guess that the one fish would be enough for our little family as a side dish during the Christmas feast. I could also feel a few raindrops in the air, telling me that there might be another rain shower, so I packed my things and headed back to the car.