Morning on HundsjönThis Winter has been unusually warm. We have had rain and + 4-5 degrees one day, and -10 the next. This has caused the fishing to be very uinpredictable. Many species of fish do't like the changing weather and stop feeding for long periods of time. Still it is possible to lure them to strike. One thing that I look forward to every year is to experience the sun rise far away from the sounds of anything man made. Going ice fishing during Christmas is a way of meeting this goal.





Newly drilled hole in the iceWe had had rain for the past two days, and it was about to turn over to frost just as I was driving out to the fishing spot. The roads where slick of wet ice without any sand or salt, so it took some time driving. I couldn't go faster than about 30 km an hour or I'd risc skidding off the road in the slightest curve of the road. Walking across the ice was not much better. I didn¨t have studded shoes, and every step there was a huge risc of slipping and falling. I somehow got across the lake to the fishing spot, and got my line in the water.

The wind was blowing mercy less and cold, even though it wasn't very cold out. We are used to having temperatures around -20 C° or -30 C° this time of year. Not 0 C° The wind chill factor made it feel like it was -40 C° so all in all it didn't take long before it started to get chilly, even with all the wind tight clothing and padding that I was wearing. 

It wasn't raining, nor snowing though, and the clouds from the grey weather we had had the previous days was in retreat. Stars started to pop out, and soon blue skies as it got lighter.  Once in a while I saw the tip of my rod dipping as if a fish was nibbling, but I couldn't feel any nibble, so I guessed that it was the wind. The rods that I use are quite flexible, and they sway quite a lot in the wind. 

A miniture Arctic CharA while later I found that the dipping of the rod was not the wind, but most certainly a fish. My hook was clean, and no way if six maggots could all twist them selves off the hook. 

I re-baited the hook, and the next time my rod dipped I was ready. Sure enough, a slight tug on the line, and a slight twitching as I reeled in told me that there was a small fish on. Shortly after a small arctic char popped out of the hole in the ice. Shortly after it got it's freedom. These fish seldom go at the bait again. At least not the first few hours after being caught, so my bait would be safe unless there where more small fry ready to steal bait. 

A beautiful SunriseI continued fishing until the wind got so strong that it threatened to blow me across the ice. Then I headed back to the car. The wind was actually so strong that it some times sent me backwards across the ice. Slowly I crossed the lake, and reached the car before heading home. 

Despite the wind it had been a great morning.