Selma on the IceAs soon as I came home from my second day of Christmas fishing trip, Sonia calls and wants to go fishing. A plan was hatched, and everything set ready for todays fishing trip. Since Riikka had work today, Selma had to be with us. Remembering the last trip she was with us I reconed on the trip being quite short. Still I got everything set up for a long day on the ice. 


Selma Sleeping and Sonia fishing.When arriving at Sonia's home I found that she was not quite ready to leave, so I was invited in for a cup of coffee, and asked to take the dog for a walk. Their dog and I are old friends. He's been with us fishing before, and him and I have had our little Tug of war over our catch. Taking him for a walk was just fun as it was only to let him lead the way, and he'd pick the route he wanted to go. Ten minutes later when we came back, Sonia was ready to go, and we headed back to my place to pick up Selma. The roads where still not sanded, so the trip out to the lake went slow. This gave Selma some time to nap in the car. Well out on the lake we chose to drill holes for fishing only a few hundred meters from the car, giving us a quick get away of Selma decided to not like fishing today. 

The first couple of hours went quite well, though no fish where biting. Selma had fun skidding around on the ice. She was very curious of what we where doing and of course she wanted to be with us as much as possible. When she started to get tired, and hungry, I put her in her buggy and gave her some food. When finished eating she was tired, so I picked her up, and carried her around until she fell asleep, and I could put her in her buggy.


It was while Selma was taking her nap that the fish decided to get busy. I had set one rod out for Selma, and one for my self while walking around and drilling holes in search for a shallow that is a few hundred meters from land. This shallow is hard to find as it is small, and the lake is fairly big. The fish like to hang around this shallow, making it a good fishing spot. Specially for big perch and Arctic Char.  We never found the shallow, because while going back to the buggy to check up on Selma I found that there was something nibbling  at my hook. As soon as I picked up my rod the nibbling stopped, and the fish was gone. As soon as I put my rod down again the nibbling started up again as well. I then waited until the fish was in the midst of a nibbling session, grabbed the line and made a jerk. Sure enough, the fish was on. I picked up my rod, and the fish gave me a nice fight before being pulled up on the ice.

Two beautiful Arctic Char.The fish had managed to tangle it self into Sonias line as well. No wonder Sonia was saying that there was something nibbling on her hook as well. While I was fighting with my fish she had several times said that there was something there, nibbling. I un-tangled her line, and dropped it in the water, so she could pull up and check her hook. Sure enough a fish had been there and cleaned the hook. Very likely the same fish that I caught.


Shortly after a new fish was nibbling on my hook. I managed to hook this one as well, and this time I had a much better fight. It turned out that also this fish was tangled into Sonias line. It was also quite a bit bigger than the last one. Upon getting the fish on the ice I decided to have a little fun with Sonia who was busy pouring her self a cup of tea. I found which end of the line pointed to her chair, and started to nudge her line as if a fish was on. Sonia who was keeping a close eye on her line jumped at it, shouting that now she had a fish on. I kept up with the game for a little while before I laughed adn said that also my second fish had tangled it self into her line. Her hook was cleaned this time as well, so again, my fish had probably visited her hook first.

A prototype Mormyshka has prooven i's worth.A short while later Sonia also caught a nice fish. At this point the other anglers that where fishing out in the middle of the lake where starting to head torward land. Selma also woke up, and was a little cold, so we agreed to head back to the car. We spoke with some of the other anglers, and only one of them had caught anything, and he had released the fish again as he thought it was too small. his fish had been half the size of my smallest fish. This lake is not the easiest to figure out. Who catches fish, and if fish are caught is often a lottery.

The fun part with the catch was that I was using a Mormyshka with a completely new color scheme. I had't even painted the details on. It had prooven it's worth. Also the small Arctic Char that I had caught the day before had taken this one. I guess it is about time I started to produce some of these for our web shop.