Selma on the IceSince Christmas is close at hand there are a lot of things that have to be done. One of them is getting some sugar salted Arctic Char, Salmon or Trout for the Christmas feast. My better half is from Finland and dead determined on preparing all the Finish traditional dishes.






As Finland used to be a poor country the Christmas foods also reflect on that.  The main dish is a huge roasted ham. Usually 12-16 kg (24-35 lb). The ham is prepared at the beginning of November and is used throughout the entire month. As side dishes they have various vegetable dishes such as mashed potatoes, Mashed carrots etc. In total there are about 5-10 side dishes. They also have sugar salted trout, Arctic Char or salmon. The fish dish is often served sliced on bread with scrambled eggs, or just eaten as slices on scrambled eggs.
As we never buy farmed fish due to a mountain of various reasons I make pride in catching the fish for our Christmas dinner. Getting a chance to go fishing has however been a pain. I am at the time on daddy leave, and home with our ten month old daughter. So what do you do if you are an angler with fishing fever, and a better half nagging you about the fish for Christmas dinner ? The answer is take the baby with you fishing.

So I pack the car with fishing equipment, baby buggy, and my daughter packed in warm winter clothes. With us is an elderly lady that loves fishing as well, but can't go out on her own due to her diabetes and arthritis. Sonia is often with me on trips. she's a local and knows all the fishing spots. In return for her showing me the best spots, I take her with me fishing.

There is not too much to say about the fishing it self. none of us caught fish, but Selma had a blast. not only did she get to hold a fishing rod of her own, but it was the first time for her on the ice, so when she got tired of sitting in her buggy I let her investigate the surroundings. With a slick ice surface and a few hundred meters to land there was not much of an issue keeping an eye on her. The only task was to keep her away from the holes in the ice as she was curious about the lines with lures that we where "dipping the in the holes in the ice with water in them".

After a couple of hours of fun she wanted to go home, so that was the end of the trip for all of us.