BodasjönSince the Countryfisher is all about the joy of fishing and developing new innovative products we often try and make things better, or specialize our products in some way. After testing a couple of Competition rods I decided that there must be a way to make these rods better, so I started taking notes on what the competition anglers wanted from their rods, and more so, what faults the common competition rods have. I then started the planning process to figure out what materials to use and what I wanted out of my own product.




Morning gloryEarlier this fall Sonia had asked me if there where any new fishing spots that I could recommend. From the top of my mind two ponds popped up. I had visited both ponds before, but only once, and during the summer season. The one I had caught lots of perch and pike in, and the other I hadn't caught anything. I don't even remember seeing any fish surfacing there. According to the size of the pond there must be fish in it, and then most likely Perch and pike. I haven't heard of anyone fish there either. Visiting the two ponds was set high on our to-do list, and now the time finally had come to visit one of them. We both wanted to try the pond where I had caught fish first.

BodasjönChrister contacts me on facebook and asks if I want to see where his new cabin is, and try the fishing in a near by lake. He is looking for some good material for an article, and wants a local that knows the area to come with him. Sure I say. this sounds like fun. It will also be nice to meet you and your son Richard again.

The rest of the week I keep a worried eye on the thermometer. it swings from plus 5-6 degrees C to -12 C during the week. The day before the trip I meet Sonia. She asks me if we can go fishing somewhere the next day. I tell her about my trip with Christer, and invite her to come with us. I am Certain that Christer would enjoy if you come too. you known the are better than anyone, and even better, the both of you are also hunters. I confirm with Christer that it is OK for Sonia to come, and we are all set.
The next morning the temperature is -11 C and I can see the sun will be coming up. I get my gear ready and pick up Sonia before we head out into the forest. When we get out on the lake the first light from the sun is creeping over the horizon.


Richard and ChristerI have a couple of hidden away fishing spots that I visit when I want to try for big fish, or just to get away from the crowd. I usually don't show these spots to anyone, but once in a while I will share one of these spots. It may be to a very good friend, a special customer, or to a journalist. The terms for learning one of my special spots are simple. C&R of any jumbo sized fish (Big Breeders), and don't share the spot with anyone.