Selma on the IceSince Christmas is close at hand there are a lot of things that have to be done. One of them is getting some sugar salted Arctic Char, Salmon or Trout for the Christmas feast. My better half is from Finland and dead determined on preparing all the Finish traditional dishes.






20080127 1Göte and I meet early in the morning as usual. Our goal is again Hundsjön. The sun is creeping up on the sky as we get closer to the lake, and by the time we have gotten our gear out of the car, and scrambled ourselves down to the lake, the sun is already up on the sky.



20080126 1 Horten is a fairly large lake, about 30 minutes by car from Sveg. Horten contains a natural stock of Perch, Burbot, Vendance, pike, and Brown Trout. The fishing administration for this area also stock Arctic Char, and some Brown trout in the lake. There is also some very few Canadian Lake trout in Horten as well. a little rest of some fish stocked many years ago. The opening of the fishing season in this lake is a big event.  The fishing administration stocks more fish in this lake than in many of the other lakes in the area. The fish are also a little larger than for instance in Hundsjön. Due to the size of the lake, Göte has asked his buddy Ragnar to join us. Ragnar has a snow scooter, and loves fishing just as much as Göte and I. 

20080120 1 Back on Hundsjön.It is going to be a beautiful day. The sky is red from the sun on it's way up over the mountain tops. When we park the car, one of Göte's fishing buddies park along side us. It looks like we will be more people on the ice today. That's OK. It is always nice to meet new people. Every fisherman has a different tale. Different ideas of where the fish are, why they aren't biting, and what to use to get them to bite.