Göte on the ice Back at home in Sweden, after spending Christmas with my boys in Norway, Göte and I are out to try the fishing again. This time we will try Hundsjön. This is one of the larger lakes in the area. The water in this lake is crystal clear, and the lake has a sand bottom. The lake is know for its big trout, Artic Char, Vendance, and perch. There is also supposed to be pike here, and Burbot.







20071209-1Day two was quite different than the previous fishing trip. It had gotten colder during the night, and the mushy snow that was covering the ice had begun to freeze. Walking on the ice was a hassle, because almost every step resulted in the frozen snow to brake, and one sunk down to the ice bellow. Around the holes from yesterday, it had frozen a little more, so there we could stand fairly dry.
In stead of drilling new holes, we just smashed the ice above the old ones. There where more than enough holes to chose from. The entire ice was like a Swiss cheese. The fact that there where not near as many people on the ice today, told us that the the day would be quite calm, and relaxing .





The years first. Ice fishing has not exactly been my strong suite. The west coast of Norway usually is too warm for ice fishing. However, some years will provide a decent cold period, so I am not completely novice to the concept.