Jungle cock size 28Some times I do something just because I can. Of course, never anything evil or to do harm, but innocent fun stuff. Some of these things sound quite crazy, such as the time a friend of mine and I just decided to knock on the nearest door and get to know the people living there. It was a shock to the people living there, but a fun one, and gained us a life long friend. This is of a different such stunt. It became one of the big stories at my high school, and is still a good laugh. An innocent prank if you may say.

10608513 871333316269133 5741241058129140189 oOne thing that we tackle builders have sought after is a decent gathering where we can meet and exchange knowledge. Up until now there has only been the use of Facebook and other social media, but this is about to change. The scene has become so big that the market can't ignore us any longer. The "Sportsfiskemässa" in Sweden has it's lure builders corner and fly tiers street, and other fairs also have their own contributions to the art.  The Tackle builders fair in Poland is another step forward. The fair is a sponsored event with only tackle builders. No big brand companies or shops with heavy funding, but all small one man projects with unique ideas and products.


First report from our new wrap rods.Today was a day of good news tidings for us at the Countryfisher. We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring an angler in the US. His name is Derek James Dubas.

20141217 Johan on Hundsjön 01Hundsjön has become one of our favorite lakes for fishing Arctic Char in the winter. This lake has crystal clear water. depths down to 35 meters, and in addition to the stocked fish there is also some reproduction in the lake. The lake is also big enough that the locals with their extensive over fishing have never managed to fish out all the fish within a year of fishing.This means that there always is a fair chance of catching a larger fish.