Selma on the IceAs soon as I came home from my second day of Christmas fishing trip, Sonia calls and wants to go fishing. A plan was hatched, and everything set ready for todays fishing trip. Since Riikka had work today, Selma had to be with us. Remembering the last trip she was with us I reconed on the trip being quite short. Still I got everything set up for a long day on the ice. 


Morning on HundsjönThis Winter has been unusually warm. We have had rain and + 4-5 degrees one day, and -10 the next. This has caused the fishing to be very uinpredictable. Many species of fish do't like the changing weather and stop feeding for long periods of time. Still it is possible to lure them to strike. One thing that I look forward to every year is to experience the sun rise far away from the sounds of anything man made. Going ice fishing during Christmas is a way of meeting this goal.





Besides catching some arctic char for sugar salting I also needed some fish to bake in the oven. Arctic Char is the best, but this morning it was raining, and the roads where extremely slick, so I decided to try something else in stead.





After a dudd trip in attempt to catch some Arctic Char for the Christmas feast , and some very shifty weather my hopes where not exactly the highest when heading out to the fishing spot. Getting to the lake I find that the usual gang of anglers where already there. These are a set of old timers that believe that fishing is to fill the freezer, and they keep pulling up fish and stuffing it in their freezer even though half of their catch get's tossed in the compost . No wonder they need to stock some fish every year in these lakes.